Thursday, February 26, 2015

This is What Non-Muslims Face at Holiest Site for Jews

Michael L.

The above is what greeted Congressman Dennis Ross.

I find it absolutely disgraceful and am utterly ashamed that Israel allows this to go on.

The situation on the Temple Mount is a day-to-day humiliation not just of the Jewish State of Israel, but of the Jews, more generally.

Israel needs to tell the Waqf to go take a hike and reinstate its own authority on that bit of property.

Everyone should have fair and equal access to, and privileges upon, the Temple Mount.  Why are we honoring Arab and Muslim religious bigotry toward non-Muslims?

Furthermore, this "third-holiest-site-in-Islam" mantra is utter nonsense.  Until the rise of late 19th century Zionism the Temple Mount was in increasing disrepair and suffered from Muslim neglect, because they did not care about the Temple Mount which, needless to say, is mentioned nowhere in the Koran.

They only began to care about the Temple Mount when Jews started showing up in Jerusalem in significant numbers.  It is not that they really want the Temple Mount, but that they simply do not want us to have what is ours.

There is something about the nature of Islam that forces it constantly to want to supplant anything that is non-Muslim.  It is a form of religious imperial aggression, in fact, and Israel should not put up with it.

It certainly does not have to and it shouldn't and if the rest of the Islamic world does not like it, let them pound sand.

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  1. Feel the peace and love!

    If only Congressman Ross (R-FL) were Jewish, this would be borderline porn for Kossacks...