Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Arab Terrorists Attack Jewish Kindergarten in Jerusalem

Michael L.

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Writing in Arutz Sheva, Ari Yashar tells us:
On Wednesday morning a gang of Arab terrorists descended upon the Jewish neighborhood's kindergarten, firing potentially lethal fireworks and hurling rocks at the institution.

The description of the video, which shows three security personnel eventually chasing off the rioters after a long period of unchecked assault, notes that the fireworks set off a fire adjacent to the kindergarten.
Below is a video of the attack:

It looks as if attacking kindergarteners is a new Arab terrorist fad because this is not the first time this has happened in Jerusalem and according to the article just two weeks ago about a dozen masked Arab terrorists attacked a kindergarten in the town of Lod, setting it ablaze.

It clearly speaks to the character of these people that they would choose to go after children.  It is sick.  It is twisted.  And Israel needs to crack down on anyone throwing rocks or explosive devices at people.  Throwing rocks, not to mention fireworks, is attempted murder and the police and the IDF need to use the force required to meaningfully reflect this truth.

One thing, however, that I find interesting is that the enemies of the Jewish people over many centuries, through until today, constantly accused the Jews of killing children.  It is the blood-libel and in the classic medieval form the claim was that Jewish people kill Christian babies so that the blood might be used (somehow) in the making of matzoh.  This claim, consciously or not, was meant to stir up violence against the Jewish people.  Today the blood-libel takes the form of accusing the IDF of intentionally targeting Arab children or youngsters and it has the identical effect.  It creates hatred in people toward Jews, incites them to violence against us, and provides a profound justification for that violence.

Every time some self-righteous, yet entirely ignorant, "peace activist" screams that the IDF is killing innocent "indigenous" children, this is precisely what he or she is doing.

Meanwhile, Jordan is pounding ISIS positions in Syria or Iraq or both, but no one is crying out, "What about the children??!!"  The reason for this is because western political activists honestly do not care when Muslims kill Muslims.  Nor do they care when Muslims kill Jews.  They only care when Jews kill Muslims and then we are always accused of being baby killers.

Now here we have actual direct evidence of Arab terrorists literally targeting Jewish children and I guarantee you there will not be a peep on Daily Kos, nor the Huffington Post, nor the Guardian.

Heck, I am not even sure that Ha'aretz will cover the story.

By the way, is it "racist" of me to complain about the fact that Arab terrorists are attacking kindergartens in Israel?  Or is it only "racist" if I dare to mention that they happen to be Arabs?  And if they cry "Allahu Akbar" while they are doing so, and if I dare to mention this, would it make me an Islamophobe?


I guess the only thing that we can do is, in the traditional fashion, take our beatings like good Jews have century upon century upon century.


  1. Mike: "Now here we have actual direct evidence of Arab terrorists literally targeting Jewish children and I guarantee you there will not be a peep on Daily Kos, nor the Huffington Post, nor the Guardian. "

    You are correct, there has been not a word said about it on those sites.

    So when I don't believe their dog-whistle BS about caring about children, this is yet another example of which I can point to!

    Just note though, if the reverse had happened, there would be howls of anger DEMANDING a UN investigation into the matter!


  2. And beneath the banner of "social justice," no less.

    I have to say, tho, Jay, some of you guys are calling dkos a "hate site."

    I honestly do not think that is fair.

    My beef with dkos - and you've probably read this so many times from me that you can mumble it in your sleep - is that dkos, like most Left venues, is perfectly comfortable giving anti-Semitic anti-Zionists a seat at the table.

    From my perspective - as a member of a people persecuted in human history longer than any other - this woud be something akin to welcoming white supremaicists into the Left tent.

    I find it unacceptable and, therefore, I simply do not accept it.

    If the Arabs of Judea and Samaria and Gaza want peace and freedom for themselves and their children, they can have it.

    All they need to do is stop trying to kill jews.

    And voila!

  3. I'm not one for unilateral disarmament. If they want to play the smear and jeer game, I'll keep throwing their shit right back at them. And as long as they play host to a page like this, which is largely indistinguishable (obvious exceptions like Mannie's and JNEREBEL's posts aside) from the content you'd find at a place like, they're a hate site in my opinion, for all intents and purposes.

    "If the Arabs of Judea and Samaria and Gaza want peace and freedom for themselves and their children, they can have it.

    All they need to do is stop trying to kill jews.

    And voila!

    Yup. I'm not sure what part of this simple statement of truth is so hard for so many to grasp. You can't even say "if the situation were reversed...", because is there really any possible way you can ever imagine such a situation being allowed to exist for more than a few days? Let alone for generations?

    But many 'peace activists' somehow become war mongers and apologists for terror and violence when Jews are the ones being targeted. Funny that.


    Link messed up

  5. The existence and popular support of attitudes like this, which imply that opposition to antisemitism and practicing antisemitism are merely two 'extreme' sides (one wonders what the 'moderate' position is in her world - accepting antisemitism quietly? hating Jews only on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and alternating Sundays?) of a coin, qualify it as a site which promotes hatred and bigotry, in my opinion, regardless of what else it publishes, and even if there are people there who don't hate.

    This refrain in particular is one solely reserved for Jews, and is a double standard which does not apply to any other minority. Only Jews are told to shut up and sit down and listen to what the antisemites are telling us. Only antisemites are given the benefit of the doubt when using classic racist tropes, and are given almost endless leeway to say anything as long as they can plausibly tie their bigotry to an alleged sympathy for Palestinian-Arabs, even if, as in one of my last diaries there, it was in the form of people 'understanding' Paris pogroms as a reasonable response to Israel's then-ongoing defensive war against Hamas.

    As a rather hilarious aside regarding the above-linked comment in particular, is the claim that pro-Israel diaries have ended up on the recommended list there. Unless she considers David Harris-Gershon's anti-Israel incitement to be 'pro-Israel' (a likely possibility, when I think about the position most of these people come from), the idea that Daily Kos is 'fair and balanced' (yeah, like a Fox!) on Israel is just absurd.

  6. Fair enough.

    I'm convinced.

    Daily Kos is a hate site.


  7. As far as the portions that deal with Jews and Israel go. As well as the fact that the moderators allow the double standard to stand, and the highly hostile environment against Jews to exist and thrive within the aforementioned sections of the site.

    No other indigenous liberation movement is reviled and treated with such contempt as Zionism.

  8. But hey, maybe I'm being unfair in denying antisemites a 'Safe Space'...