Saturday, June 6, 2015

7 Common Objectives

Joseph Behar

{Editor's note - this is a guest post and, although I do not agree with everything below, I very much hope that we see more of Joseph going forward.  Professor Behar is a retired Professor of Engineering Science and a strong supporter of both the United States and Israel.}

Recent polls show that over 70% of Americans support Israel. Yet, there are a few Americans who state that America and Israel share few objectives. I describe below seven important, common objectives, that if achieved, will significantly benefit both America and Israel.

1. Completely eliminate Iran's nuclear and missile development program.

We have to take Iran's statements, “Death to America”, “Death to Israel”, very seriously. They actively support several Jihadist organizations. Their Shiite tradition, which I respect, states that the twelfth Imam, will return (Kingdom of God) after a giant conflagration. Mutually Assured Destruction is not a deterrent to them, it is an inducement.

2. Convince the Jewish “Fat Cats” to immediately stop supporting the Democratic Party.

With 23% being the highest portion of Democrats that support Israel, it is time to re- evaluate the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson.

3. Actively and constructively criticize President Obama's anti Israel actions and proclamations.

Is President Obama anti -Semitic? I don't know.  But, I do know that his actions and pronouncements aid and abet those anti Semites around the world. The Holocaust is the primary reason he gives for Israel's legitimacy. It was a catalyst enabling Jews to reclaim the land of Israel. His mistreatment of Israel's leaders, his coddling of anti Semites like Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood strongly suggest little affinity for Jews. Recall, he was a member of Reverend Wright's flock for over twenty one years!

4. Nominate a Democratic Party candidate for President in 2016 that is, sincerely and vocally, supportive of Israel.

It may be very difficult to find such a candidate. The party contains a plurality of far left, anti establishment , anti Israel, anti free enterprise voters. The Democrats, under President Obama, have replaced the ambition to become wealthy with the politics of envy.

5. Prevent the “court” Jews (M. Hoenlein, Abraham Foxman, et. al.) from representing Jews in America.

It is tiresome to have both Democrats and Republican administrations ask the “court” Jews to circulate at White House gatherings. It was particularly insulting two years ago, when President Obama could not be in Washington for Hanukkah.  He scheduled a Hanukkah celebration two weeks earlier. I don't believe that is permissible in Jewish law. Nevertheless, he lit the candles with the proper number of skull capped attendees.

I ask, would he have changed the date for the Christmas dinner, or the Iftar Ramadan ending meal?
These “court” Jews and their respective organizations have failed to increase support for Israel around the world. They have failed to reverse the trend of increasing global anti Semitism.

6. Get the U.S. Government to actively support the non -adversarial nations of the Middle East. (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

Egypt is the primary Muslim country fighting Islamist terrorist groups. Yet, the present administration delayed giving Egypt their allotted military aid for over 18 months. President Obama insisted on publicly calling for Mubarak to step down but was painfully silent when President Morsi was turning Egypt into an anti West , anti Israel nation. Our sole assistance to Jordan after their pilot was burned alive was to release our drone photographs so Jordan could bomb some of the Jihadist forces.

7. Withdraw the legitimacy of the anti Israel, anti-Semitic, BDS movement in the University of California system.

Hate speech has replaced free speech. The state government of California has to forcefully compel the university administrators to disband the various groups, like Students for Justice in Palestine. This group is not for Palestine as much as they are against Jews, Israelis and free speech. They are for Hamas and Hizballah. It is shameful that Jewish students have to fear for their physical safety in an American University.

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  1. And by 'convince' you mean we need a new Bergson Group to physically confront these people. We need a funded organization that does only that. To me the J-Street Jews are no different than Muslims who tacitly ignore terrorism and more or less promote it.