Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crime Court Fiddling On The Roof

There's a new movie in the works.

It has already been awarded five stars and a Nobel Prize just for the trailer

Palestine has been recognised as sort of a state player by the International Criminal Court.

Hugely popular among the latte belligerensa because it means the Palestinians can get back at the Zionist criminals by lawful peaceful means.

So why now the sound of crickets chirping in the evening from the belligerent ones?  

Get on with it!

Demand action on Palestine over the Gaza atrocities. You were before. 

Prosecute the street filth clumps of war criminals.

Get them off the streets and throw their terrorist boss backsides somewhere the sun don't shine at all.

Brussels sounds about right.

The future of international law is in the balance and that is not the only balance at stake.  Come on ICC activists. Restore law and order.

Of course there is no law if there is a double standard.

One forces the other out of the building like a broken sewer and that's not the worst of it. What's left in the building is the worst of it. 

Never mind the elephant in the room

A Jim Crow trial? A sharia tribunal? Star Chamber? Stalinist show trial? A Nazi court? A lynch mob? A Jake Lynch mob?

One law for you, another for them, whatever I can arrange for me; and whatever you choose to call the lurking hulk we have in the place instead needs putting down before it does more harm. 

So bring it on I say.

Let the process begin.

Launch the investigations.

On with the prosecutions.

Haul their sorry asses into court and let the cameras roll

Israel did not want that war and fought it quick and clean to get the filthy job done. No military in the world could have done better to avoid people in the way and few would have been as motivated.

Hamas hid behind women and children and used the corpses of kids they killed as propaganda. They did their best to kill as many as they could of the people they attacked without warning in a war declared  in the most vile way in history until then.  

Hamas set the standard for the Islamic State and they set it high.

Israel has nothing to fear.

Unless the process is a double standard and the wraith lurking in  the walls is just a Court of the Inquisition on the hunt for Jews.

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