Friday, June 26, 2015

Over 200 Hundred Dead


The Times of Israel reports:
Over 200 killed as Islamist terror wave hits Mideast, France

Tunisia death toll hits 37; Kuwait mosque blast kills 25; Israeli minister tells French Jews to ‘Come Home!’ after local boss beheaded; Netanyahu blasts ‘dark forces'; IS kills 145 in Syria, supporters celebrate ‘Black Friday’
Is it time to fight back?

Is it verboten to even suggest such a thing?

Islam clearly has a cancer and either it removes that cancer or others may have to do so for it.

By the way, TOI also reports:
The suspected terrorist who killed at least 37 people, mainly tourists, at a Tunisian beach resort earlier today, has been identified as Seifeddine Yacoubi a 23-year-old aviation student from Kairouan, south of Sousse where the rampage occurred.

He was killed in a firefight with security forces.
The French Islamist arrested on suspicion of having decapitated his boss at a gas factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, southeast of Lyon, earlier today, was involved in an anti-Semitic attack in 2011, according to reports.

The man was identified as Yassine Salhi, 35, a father of three, born to an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother.

Four years ago, Salhi and another man were reported to have hit a Jewish teenager and to have hurled anti-Semitic abuse at him while travelling on a train from Toulouse to Lyon, according to a report on JTA. 


  1. Obviously you are suffering from Islamophobia.

  2. Maajid Nawaz, who is helpful on this subject, on the BBC earlier today:

    Hope the link works.

  3. Michael Oren could have used you in his diplomatic corps, Trudy.

    btw, I'm about 1/3rd of the way through Ally.