Monday, June 22, 2015


Sar Shalom

There has been much discussion this weekend about Friday's massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. Without getting in to the shooting itself, it is notable that across society, everyone is condemning the shooter's actions. The condemnations are so ubiquitous that some comment how it is easier to take the obvious step of condemning wanton killing members of a particular race than to do anything to help members of that race.

However, let's consider a situation in which condemnations were not forthcoming and that instead calls were ringing across the south celebrating the n***s getting their comeuppance. What would the rest of the country say about the south? Such is the reality of Palestinian society.


  1. Hey, it's only settlers and occupiers, right?

    1. Like the way only n***s were killed in Charleston.

      What we have to do is demonstrate those making your statement nonfacetiously are equivalent to the one I just made.

    2. Problem is, Sar, only the choir will go with it. The rest will mumble crap about white privilege or something (Jews/Israelis being white and therefore the problem in their weirdo ideology.)

  2. The western- left doesn't just believe that violence towards Jews is understandable, they genuinely believe that violence towards their fellow citizens - regardless of background - is understandable as long as the violence is caused by any political movement or group that is anti- western.
    When 7/7 happened in London, the British left came straight out to justify the terrorists' actions. Actually, they preferred not to consider it terrorism at all. More a sort of 'payback'.
    Like 9/11.
    It's not just Jews they don't care about, it's pretty much everyone.
    If you don't grasp that, it's impossible to understand what you're seeing.
    They think their own countries deserve to be attacked.
    They always have, it's a pattern.
    They like it .

  3. Well, consider that most of the clowns of which we speak are former or current pinkos and commies; it's almost in their genocidal freaking DNA. They sure didn't speak up when the commies were killing millions and they won't speak up now.