Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ding Dong Kuntar Is Dead!


According to reports, the IDF has killed baby killer Samir Kuntar. Woo hoo! One down.

{Editor's note - what Doodad is referring to here is the fact that the IDF targeted and struck a vehicle in the Golan Heights containing Hezbollah fighters and tacticians, along with an individual, Samir Kuntar, who became a hero within Hezbollah because  killed a Jewish father and his four your old daughter by smashing her head in with the butt of a rifle.}


  1. Kuntar's brother is saying it isn't true but I hope he's wrong. I have been waiting for years for some payback ever since foolish Israel released the SOB for some dead bodies.

  2. Dig up his body and dump it on Obama's desk since he's the one what pressured Israel to release him.