Thursday, July 2, 2015

Say What???????????


 Obesity has become prevalent in the Gaza Strip, as confirmed by the increasing demand on dietitians.....Qaisi told Al-Monitor that there is a large demand in Gaza for weight-loss programs.....In the Gaza Strip, a high proportion of people suffer from obesity. “Only 18% to 25% of the Strip’s residents have a normal weight," he said. "The rest are suffering from obesity because of the nature of our life pattern, in addition to the unbalanced social lifestyle, bad eating habits, food traditions and dessert consumption.”

He added, “Such a large proportion is the result of common diseases such as diabetes, stress, cancer and rheumatism. If, for example, the proportion of patients with high blood pressure is 30% of the population, know that 97% of them are due to obesity and the rest are due to accidental causes.”

Hat tip Elder of Ziyon

But I thought Israel was STARVING the Gazans.  Man, can you believe anything the anti-Zionists/Israel haters say? I know I know....silly question.


  1. Gaza is an open air concentration camp, just like Auschwitz. Except for a few minor differences.

  2. I need to lose a few pounds. Not getting enough exercise I suppose.

    Obviously I need to stay out of the Gaza Strip.

    No sweat.