Monday, February 29, 2016

And Now For Some Good News


 Not really a surprise; Americans don't really care for terrorists.


  1. if anybody tries to sell you on how BDS is working just share this link of Israel/American commerce in the San Francisco Bay Area even with all it's filthy terror appeasing anti-Semites

  2. O/T - I like that featured video. It celebrates a time when our government was fighting fascism instead of promoting it all over the world.

    A fun (but risque) entry from that same era:

    1. I think that the Christina Aguilera tune makes a cool contrast with the Andrew Sisters and Boogey-Woogey Bugle Boy.

      The song has great spirit, although some might object to a few of the lyrics.

      The thing is, from what I can tell, Europe has lost its spirit and the US is following closely behind, particularly under this empty suit of a president. I think that Trudy once called Obama the MacGuffin President.

      There's no there, there.

      So, yeah man, I agree with you. The US needs to know what it stands for and should be willing to stand up for what it stands for. If we believe in liberal democracy than we should oppose totalitarians of any stripe.

      We don't.

      On the contrary, we support them.

    2. Christina actually covered Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy itself, as did the Pointer Sisters.

  3. and majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents join in too! And all age groups!

    this is why I love America: unlike anti-Semite Europe that gave the world fascism and communism, we have a moral conscience!

    1. and even Democrats, despite Barack Hussein Obama's best efforts! Hillary better take note!

  4. Of course liberals and democrats take credit for that too and tell us this is clear proof that Obama is the Jews best friend ever. Like this clown

  5. Off topic.
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