Thursday, February 18, 2016

Using Your Children as Weapons of War (Or, Stabbing for Kids!)

Michael L.

Perhaps the most vile tactic that the Palestinian-Arabs use against their Jewish enemies in the Land of Israel is the usage of their own children as weapons of war.

In a piece by Judah Ari Gross and Itamar Sharon for the Times of Israel, we read:
One Israeli man was killed, and a second man was seriously wounded, in a suspected terror stabbing north of Jerusalem Thursday afternoon...

The two Palestinian stabbers were shot by an armed civilian, police said. The two, reported to be in serious condition, were also taken to hospitals in Jerusalem for treatment. They were 14-year-old boys from Beitunia near Ramallah, reports said.
In this most recent pogrom against the Jews of Israel - this Stabbing / Car Ramming Intifada - the Palestinian-Arab enemies of the Jewish people are using their own children as the weapon of choice. Most of the assailants in this current wave of irrational violence by Arabs against random Jews in the streets of Israel are hate-filled teenagers.

What we are seeing, of course, is the result of decades of Palestinian-Arab incitement toward Jews and the inculcation of Jew Hatred into the hearts of their children within their own culture. What it has nothing whatsoever to do with is Jewish ill-treatment toward Arabs living within Jewish land.

One need merely take a glance at the Arab-Muslim Middle East to immediately understand that Arabs in Israel have it better on every level than do the great majority of Arabs throughout the Arab world. Arabs who live in Israel, including Judea and Samaria, are more well-educated, enjoy longer lives, and have much greater personal freedom and economic opportunity than do Arabs anywhere else throughout the region.

Thus, the cause of the conflict is not Jewish imposed deprivation upon the Arab population, but persistent, Koranically-based, irrational Arab-Muslim race-hatred toward their much demographically smaller Jewish neighbors.

The cause of the never-ending conflict has virtually nothing to do with the behavior of the millennia-long persecuted Jewish minority and everything to do with deep-seated theocratically-based race-hatred toward the Jewish people on the part of their former Arab conquerors.

This hatred toward the Jewish people by the Arabs of the Middle East is so culturally and psychologically entrenched that they are even willing to sacrifice their own children upon the altar of anti-Semitism.

Golda Meir was right.


She said:
We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.


  1. Anyone know what the maximum criminal penalty for murder, attempted murder, etc for a 14 year old in Israel is? Is there a provision to try them as adults? That's a stretch even in the US. Anyway, I'm on record as not accepting the concept of 'child soldiers' on its face except in the most bizarre circumstances. 14 year olds have moral agency. They try to kill you you kill them. Don't hesitate, don't arrest, don't prosecute.

  2. Here's what I want. I want our government to drop the phony boloney pretense of "even-handedness." Even-handed is supposed to mean fair, or impartial. These obnoxious calls by the State Dept. for both sides to refrain from violence is not fair or impartial, because it implies that both sides are equally culpable when it is absolutely known that one side has been the inciter of the violence all along. In this case it is the violence of the Israeli side that is necessary to defend its citizenry from the violence (known as aggression) coming from the Pal Arab side. It's especially galling to hear this nonsense from the Obama Administration whose own purposes and uses of violence have been questionable at best.
    I can remember when this "even-handed" b.s. started. The whole notion of being "even-handed" in regards to this conflict was foisted upon us by the Pal Arabs and their advocates. It meant "give equal deference to our mind-numbing propagandistic bullshit as you do to the known facts, or we'll accuse you of being a racist." It was a euphemism then as it is now. Juries are impartial, yet they convict criminals and send them to prison, and find for plaintiffs or defendants in civil trials. The obfuscating of misdeeds and their motivations in the name of "even-handedness" is corrosive to civilization, in my opinion.
    The policy of being "even-handed" has not created the conditions for peace, but rather has been an enabler of Arab rejectionists. It has failed, because it is based on a lie. In a word, it sucks.

    1. What's a tad demoralizing is not just the never-ending Arab-Muslim racist assault against the Jews of the Middle East - if not Jews, in general - nor even the fact that our alleged allies tend to blame the Jewish minority for the theocratically-based contempt of the Arab-Muslim majority, but if we even so much as point to a youtube video of an Imam screeching to the heavens for Jewish blood, in many people's eyes this make us the "racists."

      As for "even-handed," the whole line of thinking is nonsensical when addressing allies versus enemies.

      Any normal, rational foreign policy means supporting one's allies in the face of their enemies, particularly if those enemies also happen to be American or western enemies.

      During the middle and end of the 20th century so many American liberals could not understand how it was that the US government was so often supporting Third World dictatorships during the Cold War. At least, during the Cold War there was the excuse that we needed to bolster regimes, even heinous ones, opposed to the rise of expansive Soviet Communism as a matter of national self-interest.

      Where is the American national self-interest in supporting political Islam?

    2. First, pointing to a video of someone, anyone, screeching to the heavens for Jewish blood is not racist at all in the least. Uh, uh. That's non-negotiable. The one, anyone, who is doing the screeching is racist, and shame on anyone for the inversion. I'm not here on earth to kowtow to the morally confused. Let them get with the program.

      Your right, American liberals had a hard time with supporting lousy regimes, even though liberal administrations did it, including the beloved FDR. I was one of those for a time until I realized that the world is a tricky place to navigate with a lot of bad choices and alternatives on the menu. Utopia it is not.