Monday, February 29, 2016

The Children's Intifada

Michael L.

The Children's Intifada.

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When western university students and faculty call for support for the current pogrom against the Jews, the Children's Intifada, this is what they are advocating.

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Say "hello" to contemporary Palestinian-Arab culture as designed by Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas.

They are sending their own children off to die in an effort to kill Jews and the allegedly "liberal" West could hardly care less.


  1. shoot them anyway - every dead pre pubescent shahid is 7 or 8 fewer shahids downstream.

    1. Let's not be like them.
      Every child needs to be put in a re-education program. The PA (PLO) and Hamas cannot be trusted with children or their education. Where's a social worker when you need one?

  2. The IDF is the most moral army in the world and is called Nazi right now.
    But if we're talking "I told you so's" there are a few I'd like to hand out.

  3. The question of how to respond to ideological kid killers is a tough one.

    I definitely approve of Israel's shoot-to-kill policy of shaheeds.

    {Is it new?}

    But now these Arab-Muslim religious fanatics are sending their children out to kill us.

    I say "us" because this is not just about Israeli Jews, it is about all of us everywhere.

    So, how should Israel respond to the Children's Intifada?

    My recommendation - for whatever it may be worth - is to disarm the child in a non-lethal manner, if possible, and deport the immidiate family to anywhere outside of Israel.

    We also need to take down inciteful Pal-Arab media that encourages their children to suicide by IDF.

    1. It is horrifying that children are being brought up and trained to be soldiers or "weapons" in a war of hatred. It is absolutely necessary that the response to that is to treat those children as humanely as possible. Hamas have already created a situation where boys below the age of eighteen are routinely used as fighters and terrorists. This, of course, has presented Israeli forces with an extraordinary and horrendously difficult problem when they are faced with obvious or apparent threat. Not only are Hamas etc committing a war crime by using children, they know the enormity of the impact in the world's media if any young people are injured by Israeli forces or policemen.
      It is horribly calculated.
      Of course the proper response is to act as differently as possible to those who exploit children in these ways.
      Nothing else is acceptable.

    2. "Not only are Hamas etc committing a war crime by using children, they know the enormity of the impact in the world's media if any young people are injured by Israeli forces or policemen. "

      But why is the "world's" media playing along, especially the western (free) media? Clearly Hamas is breaking the laws of war in a major and serious way. Why is the media/western governments/the UN waiting for them to be sent into harms way? The fact they know about it and do nothing says more than any post facto denunciations of the consequences of those acts. You don't sit idly by, let someone send children soldiers out to die and then blame the other army for killing children, unless the other army is Israel's.

      It's seems to me that the more disgusting the Palestinian Arabs get the harder the "world" works to obfuscate the facts.

    3. Yes. The "world" *wants* to collaborate with this. It is a symbiotic relationship; built on hate. And it will never stop. Well, not until they get what they want.
      And not even then, really.
      That's what it's about.

  4. Maybe the Jew killing Palestinians will do so themselves:

    "Palestinians are growing increasingly disgruntled with the incitement in schools and the media that is causing children to risk, and often lose, their lives committing acts of terrorism against Israelis, the head of a watchdog group told The Algemeiner on Monday.

    According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) director Itamar Marcus, this sentiment is being expressed more freely and frequently, even in the Palestinian Authority-controlled press, which many adults hold responsible for egging on kids to become “martyrs” for the cause of “ending the occupation” of the entire state of Israel."

    But I wouldn't hold your breath.

  5. The only germane upshot to any of this is whether 'we' eventually accept this sort of this as a legitimate tool of foreign and domestic policy or civic action. Want to make your kids psychopathic killers? Ok, now send them to the cable company to pay your monthly bill and if something happens like they murder someone, fine, that's just how you settle disputes with customer service. If you don't agree with some international treaty on portage, ok, blow something up. It's ok, it's legitimate. Disband the UN and settle your disputes with mortars and carbombs. I'm game. Shoot the mailman, rape your neighbor's daughter. Blow up the department of sanitation. I am 100% willing to let you do that.

  6. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

  7. This is child abuse. In fact it is the worst kind of child abuse.

    These kids need rescue.