Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Podcast # 12 - The Temple Mount, the Default Single-State Solution, and Dr. Andrew Pessin

Michael L.

This one is also about ten minutes long and is concerned with a couple of stories from Arutz Sheva, i.e, Israel National News.

The first is entitled, Disagreements delay security camera deployment on Temple Mount

And the second is entitled, EU demands Israel stop demolishing illegal Arab settlements.

I also have a few words concerning Dr. Andrew Pessin of Connecticut College. I like Pessin, but the thing about the guy is that he is a Jewish philosopher, and what is not to like about Jewish philosophers?

Pessin got knocked around by campus crybullies for daring to call-out Hamas for the dogs that they are.

Jeez, what a pure offense to hypocritical idiots.

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