Friday, February 19, 2016

Kuiper Belt

Pluto is no longer considered a regular planet by most of the scientific and astronomical community. It is now considered a Trans-Neptunian "dwarf planet."

I kid you not.

What most people do not realize, and what I did not know until fairly recently, is that just as Saturn has its rings, and just as there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, so the Solar System, itself, is belted by a far larger ring system, the "remnants from the Solar System's formation," comprised primarily of methane, ammonia, and water.

They call this enormous ring of space matter the Kuiper Belt and Pluto is considered the largest object within the ring, itself.

Who knew?


  1. I knew about the Kuiper Belt but didn't know that Pluto is considered a part of it, and if you'll notice Pluto is appears to be outside the Kuiper Belt which might be part of the reason it was considered a planet. Also notice the difference in its plane of orbit from that of the belt and the other planets.

  2. A "trans-neptunian dwarf planet ".

    Sounds like someone you would see in an Oxford Street bar after lockout time.

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