Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Brief Note: "Long Live the Intifada!"

Michael L.

briefnotesIt has to be understood by politicians and educators that when Arab students, and their white western allies, gather in quads in Europe and the United States, within their respective universities, and wave around Palestinian flags and chant "Intifada! Intifada! Long live the intifada!," that they are quite literally calling for the murder of Jews.

This latest intifada over in Israel has been particularly fun. They call it "the stabbing intifada" or "the car ramming intifada" but whatever they call it, it means killing Jews.

Now, it could be that university administrators tend to think that the effort on the part of Israeli Arabs to kill Jewish people is a good thing because it represents righteous resistance to the "Occupation"... with the Big O.

Or, it could be that, as university administrators, they're just stone-cold ignorant.

It is hard to know.

One thing is certain, however, Arab students throughout the United States and Europe are screeching for the blood of Jews and university administrators, such as professor Leslie Wong at San Francisco State University, could hardly care less.



  1. From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, whose picture would you rather have on your chest, Che Guevara or Yassir Arafat?

  2. Mike,
    The mostly likely scenario, in my view, is that by and large these college administrators are far more concerned about their positions, salaries and perks than anything else. Jewish students and Jewish donors (and their supporters) will need to make a big stink to change any of this, and I'm not sure that most of the donors are willing to be as blunt as they need to be.

    1. We have San Francisco State University president Leslie Wong on video saying, "GUPS is the very purpose of this great university."

      Allow that to sink in for a moment.

      GUPS regularly calls for "intifada" and that is nothing less than an incitement to the genocide of the Jewish people of the Middle East.

      I wonder what Wong would say if some white group stood around the quad with nooses calling for the murder of black people?

      Would he say that this group represents "the very purpose of this great university"?

      Somehow I do not think so.

    2. If Saudis were paying for that, have no doubt he'd support nooses for black people. Couched in appropriate PC doublespeak of course.

  3. Either one as long as they had a rope around their neck ;)

  4. I wonder if we really need to worry about Zionism in the US, at the college level any more or all that much. After all, Israel is country, a reasonably safe, stable sort of place that isn't going to dry up and blow away because 200 angry racists at UC Berkeley dress up at playing Nazis on a given day, week, month or year. Israel needs the US as it were less and less every day. And support at the astroturf level on college campuses matters even less than that.

    It's unfortunate and irritating but most people, even most Jews in the US are on the fence about this anyway and it leaves them untouched. When it inevitably and quickly bleeds into outright Jew hate, then there's two things you can do - ignore it, or go somewhere else. No school is so important that you don't have options. And this is a good opportunity for schools that aren't hate factories to advertise that fact.

    Moreover, American universities are not sacrosanct either. If they turn into Nazi Muslim hate camps then fine. There's always schools in other states or even other countries. There's no law that says a degree has to be worth something just because students were too dumb to recognize they're not. And just because UNC-Chapel Hill USED to be called the public Harvard doesn't mean it always will be. They said the same thing about CCNY/CUNY 60 years ago and today it's a garbage school. Does the world really beat a path to Oberlin, Amherst or Wesleyan's door? No. The 'baby' Ivies are just that, second rate rich hippie art schools with inflated egos. If in the near future, UC Berkeley decides that everyone must be completely fluent in Spanish to graduate and as a result 80% of the high achieving students bail, will the world suffer? Of course not.

    I just don't see it as a huge deal. Schools that want to adopt hatred and failure will in the long run, fail. A hundred years ago, antisemitism drove American Jews to start creating their own academic facilities to escape that. Hence Brandeis, et al. We need perhaps to create a new Brandeis and abandon the shithole that the current Brandeis is. As far as I can tell there's only 3 types of students there now: antisemitic Jews, SJW/BLMs and LUGs (lesbians until graduation). And?