Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Today's Nothing Left Podcast

Michael L.


a fantastic speech on Israel at the Republican Convention 0: 10

David Singer 14:40

Mike Lumish 45:00

Richard Millett 50:00

Stan Goodenough 1:12:40

Isi Leibler 1:29 00

As usual Michael Burd and Alan Freedman are the hosts and this represents my second to last piece for these guys.

If you care about Israel, or the well-being of the Jewish people, and if you are sick-to-death of politically-correct authoritarianism of the sort that they continue to dish out in places like Daily Kos or the Huffington Post or the Guardian, then you should definitely give these guys a listen.

My brief piece is part of my larger series which I call The Failures of Progressive Left Zionism, links to which can be found on the right sidebar of this blog.

Basically, I discuss how the failure to place the conflict within the longer history of Muslim persecution of the Jews - as second and third non-citizens under Islamic imperial rule for thirteen centuries - completely undermines any case that they can possibly make.

In any case, next week will be the last of the series, concerned with frenemies, and that might represent my last bit for the fellahs down in Melbourne.

What I may do, however, is maintain a 5 minute weekly podcast here at Israel Thrives.

We shall see.

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