Saturday, August 20, 2016

Is This the New Europe?

Michael L.

So, what we see in this clip - uploaded to Youtube on August 17 of this year and beginning around the 30 second mark - is apparently a gang of young Muslim immigrants, possibly on their way to Germany and Sweden, robbing and vandalizing a restaurant somewhere in Italy.

You know, I grew up with dogs.

From the moment of my birth in the mid-60s to the present I've almost always had pooches. I love dogs despite the fact that mine defecate on my lawn and drool on my pillows.

It's disgusting!

Would you allow a friend into your home knowing that he is going to defecate on your lawn, in front of the entire neighborhood, and will then come into your house, crawl into your bed, and start salivating?

I do not think so.

The difference, of course, is that no friend of yours would ever do any such thing. In fact, even your worst enemies would never do any such thing, if only to maintain their personal dignity. But dogs, of course, are cute and loyal and perform a host of jobs for their human companions because, indeed, they are "man's best friend."

What is the excuse, I wonder, of the violent idiots in the video?

By the way, my favorite comment under the video is this:
OctoB 5 hours ago

they didn't even leave a tip


  1. Don't know don't care. There's horrible people doing awful things all the time. Europe gets to be 'just like everyone else'. So what if it's Worldstar Hip Hop.

    1. Trudy, I do not share your indifference to what Europe is doing to itself... but I will admit it sometimes gives me the occassional smirk.

      There are many people - although I do not know that you are one of them - who believe that Europe deserves every bit of commupance that it gets.

      My major concern is that as European demographics change in the coming decades their politics will inevitably change in way that will not be positive for either Americans or world Jewry.

      That much is obvious, no?

    2. It's not about schadenfreud. It's at its core understanding that societies often make terrible decisions and worse choices on purpose. This is not an accident like flooding or an outbreak of salmonella. This is what they studiously looked at, thought about, chose to do. This is the best thing their leadership could come up with in advance of anyone on the planet demanding they do something. Millions of people didn't wander the globe looking for a home only to be turned away at the front door of Europe who, thankfully saw the error of their ways and decided to let them all in. Europe created this problem on purpose in search of a justification. There was no 'crisis' until THEY created it.

      And day after day we see every government institution from top to bottom make one more crazy counter intuitive decision in favor of MORE of this, in favor of criminals, in favor of anarchy and disintegration.

      You can't fight that. You can't argue with that. You can't reason with that. You can't fix that.

      If you want a taste of the thought process that goes into this, wade into website long a bastion of the far far left anarchist socialist progressives.

      First off they are rabidly in favor of Jill Stein but more importantly say they are fully confident she will win. Will Win. It's not even debatable.

      Then in article after article, comment after comment you wish you had a copy of the merely psychotic The Nation to flip through. There's a theme to every word in it. With every fiber there are a few things they 'commonly dream' as it were.

      Global warming will in fact kill us all in our lifetime. 100% certainty and the only we can do is commit mass suicide.

      Everything on the planet is actually controlled by a secret cabal of the CIA/Israel/Big Oil/Big whatever. This is not a metaphor.

      The US should not exist.

      Every single person on the earth should be allowed to move here w/ restriction.

      There should be no private ownership...of anything.

      The government should be a totalitarian one, the fewer rights people have the better.

      White people should probably be herded into the gas chambers like Treblinka. All the white people. Everywhere.

      If taxes are only 100% they're not high enough.

      Stalin did a few good things, so did Mao and Pol Pot.

      Israel can and should be erased from the planet.

      Your government is evil and the only answer is more goverment.

      These are the tenets of belief of the left. A left that thrives in Europe. We see it and wonder 'how can they be that stupid?' and their answer is that it's not stupid, you are. This is what they hold dear. This is their identity.

      The Swedish activist girl who apologized to Muslims for being gang raped by them was not an anomaly. They believe this. They really do feel for their rapists and killers. As long as they're Muslim, brown, foreign, or whatnot.

      So no, you can't adjust that. You can't bargain with it. You can't shame it, shout at it, or convince it.

      In many ways it's the cultural version of a 'bubble' like the tech bubble or the Tulip craze. So I say let it unravel

    3. This is left in a nutshell. All you need to reach Utopia is eliminate all
      the the "wrong" people. That's just common sense. In practice you'll need a totalitarian government (stuffed with caring enlightened progressives) that'll do the "right thing". Pol Pot style.
      Jews typically top the list of the "wrong" people.

  2. I care. This kind of shit pushes my buttons. This is an assault on people who live productive and decent lives. To have that assaulted by a bunch of people acting like juvenile delinquents, which is to say like a troop of monkeys really bugs me. The Italians I grew up with would be hunting for these guys with brass knuckles and baseball bats. What can I say, I have a "thing" with theft and destruction of property and a big problem with those who engage in that sort of thing. I always feel it's an assault on all things civilized, no matter who the perpetrators are.
    Horrible people doing awful things all the time does not make it OK. Not caring makes it even worse. I don't know what this "Europe gets to be just like everyone else" is supposed to mean. Who is this "everyone else," and just what does it mean to be just like "them?" Why is that a good thing?

    1. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like for the owners and the family and the employees to come in afterward, stumbling over the police.

      The tears, devestation, and loss of livelihood.

      From what I can tell, street violence between native Euros and immigrant youth is scattered and ongoing all around Europe at this moment.

      You maybe heard about Corsica?

      I've been wondering when we are going to see Euro football thugs organize themselves and get into the fray, but I am sure that's happening under slightly more respectable political terms in places like Germany and England.

    2. The owners are probably devastated. This sort of thing is painful and personal, and the anonymity of the perpetrators makes it even worse.

      As for the other stuff, I predict that the feckless policies the Merkels of Europe have set in motion will ever worsen. Eventually, the left in Europe is going to go down in flames. Things are going to get ugly. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so. Of course, they will still be arrogant and contemptuous of the US. Some things never change.

  3. I just read Daniel May's article. I am tempted to unpack the whole thing, but I won't pay Tablet to comment. Let's just say it's a tad one-sided, a game of mixing and matching anecdotes coming from a doctoral candidate at a prestigious academic institution.
    Near the end we get, "The Jewish nation's independence was won through the dispossession of another nation."
    This is a lad going for a PhD at the very same university where Bernard Lewis used to teach.

  4. " Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks
    Following two attacks last month, Germany has instructed its citizens to prepare emergency supplies of food and water in case of a major, wide scale attack or catastrophe; this is the first time such an order has been issued since the Cold War. ",7340,L-4844349,00.html

    Europe, welcome to Israel's reality. And all along you thought the alligator would eat you last. Silly wabbits.