Saturday, December 24, 2016

Caroline Glick on Obama's Stab in the Back

Michael Lumish

From her Facebook page:

As Ambassador Bolton said in the clip below from Fox News, Obama killed the peace process by pushing this anti-Semitic, evil resolution. He killed the peace process and all prospects for peace by destroying the foundation of the process. That foundation was "land for peace."

Land for peace formed the basis of UN Security Council resolution 242 from the end of the 1967 Six Day War. It stipulated that in exchange for Arab recognition of Israel and peace with the Jewish state, Israel would cede some of the land that it took control over during the course of that war. But Friday's resolution says that Israel has no right to any of the land, that the presence of Israelis in that land -- yes, including the Western Wall -- is illegal. So Israel has no land to give and the Arabs will give no peace. And that is that.

The other thing the resolution does is annul all the bilateral agreements that Israel signed with the PLO, which formed the basis of their peace process. Those agreements were all witnessed by the US, the EU and Russia. And those agreements committed the sides to the bilateral framework for resolving their conflict.

In signing the agreements, the Palestinians committed themselves to not going to the UN or any other international body to coerce a settlement with Israel. Their UN strategy is a material breach of the agreements they signed. Friday's resolution makes zero mention of any of those agreements. It pretended they don't exist. And in so doing, it killed them. They are dead.For 23 years, confined by the Oslo framework, Israel was wary of taking the unilateral step of applying its law to all or parts of Judea and Samaria just as it was wary of building new Jewish communities in the areas. But now that those agreements are dead, Israel has no such limitations on its actions. It can act unilaterally just as it did in the past.

To be clear, this resolution is terrible for Israel. But it is mainly terrible for Jews in the West, and particularly in America

Some argue that the resolution increases the threat that the International Criminal Court will try Israeli leaders or even private citizens. But this argument makes no sense. Israel is not a signatory to the ICC convention. It has no jurisdiction over us.

The greatest victims of this resolution are not Israeli Jews, they are the Jews of the Diaspora, and particularly Jews in the West. Harassment of Jews in the US, Canada and Europe by Muslim thugs and their useful leftist idiots both on and off campus will rise as a result of this resolution.

There is an ironic silver lining to this resolution for Israel.

First, there is the obvious silver lining which is that we don't need to lie about Obama anymore. He revealed himself in his final month as the Jew hating, Israel hating bastard we have always known him to be but our leaders, out of fear that he would act as he did on Friday felt compelled to pretend that the man who gave the bomb to Iran is a friend of ours.

Second, and more importantly, there is the irony of the consequences of the resolution.

By joining the UN gang rape of Israel in an act of diplomatic terrorism against the Jewish people and the Jewish state, Obama destroyed not only all prospects for peace. He destroyed all prospects for Palestinian state.

He destroyed all prospects for Israeli withdrawal to the 1949 armistice lines. He destroyed all prospect of any Israeli withdrawal at all.

And he even managed to weaken the UN which now faces a massive cut in funding from the Trump White House and the Republican controlled Congress.

The news of this resolution hit us like a brick wall. It hurts to see a room full of well dressed, well schooled, supposedly cultured and caring people acting like a lynch mob of Cossacks setting fire to synagogues and attacking Jewish villagers with pitchforks. It is nauseating beyond measure to watch Samantha Power, who branded herself as "Miss Genocide," as in, the redhead who fights for the powerless, standing with murderers against innocent, law abiding, human rights respecting, good Jews.

But we've been through much worse and survived and prospered. Samantha Power won't even merit a footnote in history, except in the section on the greatest hypocrites in the early 21st century.

Obama will go on to become Jimmy Carter on steroids. He will be relentless, and powerful. But we will survive him as well.

And John Kerry will remembered first and foremost for betraying the men that served with him in Vietnam. All the treacheries he committed since, including this one, were preordained the moment he stepped out of the crowd and libeled his brothers in arms.

With G-d's help, we Jews will survive and thrive and move on from strength to strength, as our forefathers did, as we have always done.


  1. Hard not to agree with Glick.

    Ben Rhodes assures us that Obama did not orchestate this. He's such a truthful guy, as his role in the Iran nuclear deal, revealed. He also has the right to be arrogant and condescending. As an aspiring novelist, his expertise is spreading fiction. This makes him eminently qualified to lecture on national security matters to others with more actual smarts. Very sad that this is the level of competence Obama brought us.

    Most anyone with a clear eye can detect a pattern of conduct that makes this story of who brought the Resolution about credible from Israel's side. The USA could have prevented it from going forward at all. Many will again fall for the fake news perpetrated by Rhodes, however. He is an onerous player, and competent in the field of practicing deception. Too bad the Khalidi tape remains hidden away. What light would it shed on the Obama's feelings about the only Jewish state.

    This move at the UN will hopefully backfire. The world is changing, and this reeks of what is being left behind. It will take time to reverse the poison of the Palestinian effect, but confronting it in open is now politically correct, as it should be. Those now so outraged about fake news should have particular interest in the Palestinian narrative, and why they remain the most needy people on earth.

  2. The US does not "bankroll" Israel.

    You are either ignorant or lying.

    My guess is the former.

  3. You have no right to speak for we, even if you are Ben Rhodes or President Obama himself.

    If you actually spoke for we, then it would not have been necessary for the Administration to do this surreptitiously or unilaterally. There is no consensus and it is not only your money either.

    If you actually spoke for we, then why abruptly change long standing US policy, through consensus, of land for peace.

    You are the pretender, not Glick. Speak for yourself and not we.

    Not to mention your ignorant, inaccurate statement concerning the military assistance provided that benefits both Israel and the USA in their common defense.

    Who, in fact, are bankrolled are the Palestinians. Does not seem like you care about that money thrown away. Arafat was a billionaire when he died. To help you with your ignorance:

    The video is dated, but still applies, and is probably worse. Now everyone knows they even use money to pay the terrorists that kill women and children. But it's more important that others chill, eh?

  4. Replies
    1. "Israel would/will thrive without the support or existence of American Jews. "
      Then why is so much energy put into American Jewish support for Israel?
      Most American Jews support a strong Israel. If they've been given misinformation by the media and such, educate them. Don't spit on your brothers who wish you well.

  5. I misread "unknown."

    When he wrote "we" I thought he meant the US, not diaspora Jews.

    The US does not bankroll Israel, but that is not what he said.

    So, I was further wrong to suggest either ignorance or dishonesty on his part.

    With apologies.


  6. I still don't understand how Caroline Glick is pretending to represent the Diaspora. Nor do I get just what "we" are deciding. What the writer of that post meant by these things is still "unknown."

  7. Jeff, I thought that Sara's comment was interesting... mainly because I have no idea what she's talking about. She was born in California, btw, which is her current state of residence. She apparently spent 5 or 6 years in Tel Aviv, tho, but this person is - whatever else she may be - an American.