Friday, January 27, 2017


Michael Lumish

The Times of Israel staff tells us:
President Donald Trump said Thursday that it was “too early” to discuss moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a potentially politically fraught plan that has been welcomed by Israel’s government and sparked threats from the Palestinians and parts of the Arab world.

“I don’t want to talk about it yet. It’s too early,” Trump told Fox News...
This may be the first time in American history wherein to not oppose the President of the United States makes one something akin to a cultural rebel.

It's very odd, actually.

To march in the streets against Trump is to align oneself with the New York Times, the Washington Post, most of the mainstream television news programs, the Democratic Party, the European Union, and the Clintonesque / anti-Bernie global economic elite.

It is, on a certain level, to stand with Angela Merkel over the German people or to stand with political Islam over the rights of women, Gay people, Yazidis and Jews.

It is about as socially conformist as conformist gets.

Yet by simply giving the guy a chance to do right by the country we are made to feel like rebels among ideologically conformist sheeple trained to hate.

I have to say, however, that for me the question of the US embassy in Jerusalem is a litmus test.

If Trump comes through and moves the embassy in a timely manner - say within the next few months - then we will know that he honestly is a friend of Israel and, thus, a friend to the Jewish people.

If he strings us along, however, it means we've been had.

He's already despised by the great majority of American Jews because the intense campaign of hatred against the guy has done its job well.

Here is hoping that he doesn't lose the rest of us.


  1. Although he should do it to send a message to Palestinians no more business as usual, there are alternative ways to skin the cat.

    Money would appear as if not more important, as is settlement growth.

    Most US Govt offices are apparently in Jerusalem now.

    Trump will foreseeably be far more supportive than his predecessor and his party because they see Israel as Trump and by extension these progressives, even Jews among them, see Jews as Trump. Because, as has been said, progressivism is their religion.

    Will be interesting to see if the new age of nationalism, if it arises, will learn from the past. Globalism, on the other hand, is a means of totalitarianism, and should be used only as a tool for nation states in their interests, not the ned itself.

    1. Israel as Trump means there is an anti-bias baked into the cake, so that it will always look to find the slightest fault as indicative of an evil nature.

      Progressive Jews are largely secular. They arguably practice a progressive religion that classifies Jews that promote Israeli rights, or who take a religious perspective, much in the manner mentioned above, as an embodiment evil.

      Of course, there are exceptions to these general ideas, but many that don't like Trump don't like Israel and don't like non-progressive Jews, for overlapping reasons.

  2. My bet is that Trump will not move the embassy to Jerusalem and that the hallowed "two-state solution" will live on, thereby giving the Arabs and their western-left allies continued reason to beat up on Jews.

    {I think that Obama has left me with a Cassandra Complex.}

    1. I don't know. It might happen, it might not. You already know what I think, that it is important, and contrary to the argument I have been hearing in the media, it actually is in America's interest. Not doing so means we are succumbing to Arab/Muslim threats to violence, which has been the growing problem all along. Just look at where that policy has gotten the West. Had the US and the community of nations displayed this despicable prostrate behavior in 1947, Israel itself would not have received recognition.
      I'm sure all the usual suspects have been working hard on Trump to get him to back down. But we have a visit from Bibi coming up, and even after that there is still some time.
      So I guess I'm saying that I'm not ready to completely give up on the idea. BTW, not moving it doesn't just empower the Arabs, it also empowers left regressive antisemitic Israel haters here. Does anyone have Steve Bannon's phone #?

    2. Most people didn't believe he'd do any of the things he promised and has done so far, Mike. I think he will do it but it will take time to get all the ducks in a row. Mostly because:
      -he's an in yer face kinda guy
      -he's a promise keeper
      -his son-in law and others close to him are Israel lovers
      -people are telling him he can't or shouldn't do it and he doesn't seem to like to be told that

      My guess is after the current executive exception expires in June.


    Caroline Glick thinks he won't and shows why she figures that way.

  4. I would wait until he has a secretary 9f state

  5. I don't think we should panic because he hasn't moved the embassy yet.

    In my opinion, he has gone too far to back down now. (Some would say, is there such a thing as Trump backing down?) It is a matter of when, not if. Having said that, if he DOES back down, we should unload both barrels, as he would then have forfeited our goodwill. But I think it's too soon to conclude that.

  6. The Palestinians asked Russia to tell Trump not to move. As Putin's puppet, Trump did as he was told. The real problem is that Russia needs the price of oil to go over $110 and Mid East oil to stay off the market. The only way that happens is with a large Mid East war. And I am sure Trump will oblige him. But what are a few million deaths compared to getting some lunatics to shut up at SFSU?

    1. Joseph, that's not an honest criticism and you know it.

    2. Trump was was cloned by Russians in a secret KGB lab from Hitler's DNA.

    3. It is an honest criticism and time will prove me right. In the meantime, just how anti-Muslim does one have to be before he can be called a racist?

    4. Oh, and by the way, Trump's racist ban does not include countries in which he has a financial interest.

    5. "It is an honest criticism..."

      You are mistaken.

      For example, do you have the slightest evidence that Trump is Putin's "puppet" in regards US foreign policy toward Israel?

      Take your time, we'll wait.

      And do you honestly believe that seeking to prevent jihadis from coming into the country is "racist"?

      Do you think that all Muslims are jihadis?

      If you think that all Muslims are jihadis - which one would have to conclude from your belief that keeping out jihadis is the equivalent to keeping out Muslims - this would make you the racist, would it not?

      We're opposed to an ideology that keeps Jews, women, and gay people in either second or third class non-citizenship or dead. You want to argue that this is a prejudice against Muslims in general.

      That, my friend, is a pretty sick view of your average Muslim.

    6. I to think you have it exactly backwards. Read the article I sent. We are against a blanket denial of entry to all Muslims. Trump is for it, except if his business interests intervene.

    7. Joseph,
      Is there anything unflattering about Trump that anyone could say or write that you are not 100% ready to believe religiously?

  7. He is throwing red meat to his racist supporters. The terrorists who caused 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, but he has business interests thee. The people who were coming have been thoroughly vetted, for a period well over a year.

    1. What of the larger quantities of "red meat" thrown daily by racist and hateful detractors, including in the media, and the virtue signalling that results in others? Be blind if you must.

      Amazing how easy it is to get detractors to believe anything, and reinforce their prejudice.

      Suggest you read the actual EO. Have you? Or what Trump said. Have you?

      "President Trump's Immigration Ban is Magnificently Right" is a good read to counter the nonsense of trying to draw an equivalence where none exists.