Friday, January 20, 2017



  1. Waking up from a long nightmare.

  2. Am I wrong to feel bad for little Demian there?

    1. A bunch of cis-gender white people, one (gasp) a Jewess. First lady is actually attractive (and actually a woman). It's as if all the "progress" we've made in the last 8 years has already been erased.

  3. Wish him the best. The knives will certainly be out. Obama was a god. On the other hand, it's "in" to decide Trump's character, that he is evil. What has he done so that people know what he will do, other than create an empire in real estate and then TV, then beat all the geniuses at their own game. In doing so, identity politics will be laid bare and patriotism trump prejudice.

    When it comes to getting things done, Trump is way smarter than given credit for. You don't succeed like he has without having skill and good judgment.

    Perhaps we will come to see that Obama and the progressive approach to decision making was too attenuated from reality in the manner it was implemented. Not to mention it saw America as flawed when it is the opposite.

  4. do Democrats realize that to most people, "America First" being associated with something bad is just historical trivia?

    America First is kinda like #MAGA: it means whatever people want it to. For me, it means Americans before Syrian refugees. Americans before Muslims Obama tried to please. America and its allies (which includes Israel) before America's enemies.

  5. Maybe "America First" is distasteful. But it's no more so that the left's "America Last".

  6. So many are too hung up on words and appearances, rather than acts and reality. No wonder they are so out of touch.

    Listening to Ashley Judd and Madonna, it will probably get worse. Eventually the whole lot will resemble Occupy Wall Street, a mess of political correctness, virtual signalling, and ineffectiveness.

    What they do best is make things worse, for all, because as they proclaim peace and love, they have hate in their hearts.