Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Question of the Whenever # 7: Ya Can't Swing a Dead Cat without Hitting a Racist (Updated)

Michael Lumish

Racism. Racism. Racism.

How is it that the less racist western countries become the more their citizenry accuse one another of racism?

It's very strange, really, and I don't understand it.

It's as if people have no historical sense whatsoever.

It was only fucking yesterday when Jim Crow laws reigned in the United States. My old man got fired from a job as a kid after the boss learned that he took one of the High Holy Days off.

I was born under the Sign of Kennedy and in my lifetime I have seen remarkable progress on issues of racial bigotry within the United States.

But, again, what's weird... at least to me... is that as the Civil Rights Movement matured and was accepted by almost everyone in the United States, and certainly virtually everyone in political power today, the high-pitched screeches of RACISM just rang throughout the land.

It came to a shrill crescendo in the weeks leading into the election of the Abominably Orange Cheetoh.

So, yes, how is it that the less racist western countries become the more their citizenry accuse one another of racism?



Oh, and by the way, if any of you idiots out there want to talk to me about American Nazis or the fucking Klan or the "Alt-Right"... whatever you think that is... just please shut the hell up until you can produce a video that comes anything close to the kind of violent anti-white racism that we see below.

And don't try to pawn this off on Trump.

Trump didn't do this.

It was all you hideous morons out there screaming from the hillsides about RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!

Well, there's racism in this country, alright.

Just ask the poor bastard in the video below.


  1. Bruce Springsteen recently said that "racism, bigotry, intolerance" has been let "out of the bottle."


    Ironically, it seems more a feature of the progressive mentality and the unbridled hatred directed to Trump and his supporters.

    For example:



  2. Why do we hear more about racism the less there is of it? Because, like terrorism, it works!
    We now have a generation of morons who have been brought up to consider the racist aspects in simply everything. It is the first and last consideration on any topic. It is no coincidence that the regressive left has branded Israel as racist. The flinging of this term is a poison bomb on anyone it lands on.
    David Horowitz, the former leftie turned righty, has some interesting things to say about the pedigree of the leveling this charge on western democracies, tracing it back to the Soviet Union and the Cold War.

    In 1962, the United States and the UK pretty much forced Saudi Arabia into giving up their last few hundred thousand slaves. Imagine if instead of that, they had displayed the current left's attitude toward criticism of other cultures. Was insisting that the Saudis give up slavery a racist endeavor? Anyone out there that thinks that being a slave is empowering like women being forced to dress up in black sacs?

  3. Finding racists/racism is the new cool thing to do; not a lot of thought goes into it necessarily. This is especially true of anyone steeped in post-modern ideology which includes almost all people educated since the 70's. I suspect most of us, at one time, were captured by its allure. Having been a skeptic all my life, I managed to escape most of its clutches altho I will admit to having written some stuff in University to please various Prof's and keep up my grade average.

    But our culture is saturated by it and I don't think there is any going back since fighting it makes one automatically suspect as a racist. The fact that Trump was elected suggests to me that many are fed up with it but look at where that got them; accused as racist and stupid.

    What the world needs is an army of Alan Sokals. Perhaps then we could come to a rational, critical definition of Racism. Not holding my breath however.

  4. It's simply impossible to legislate people's souls. The role, some would say the only role of government is to eliminate many of the obstacles to the free and legal furtherance of the individual's own desires to the extent they don't hinder or harm someone else. But government can't and should not legislate outcomes let alone the 'emotions' behind them. At most, at the very most, one could make a case for very temporary extraordinary measures like a dictatorship or Martial Law. But the idea that as long as this person harbors dark unfair thoughts about this other person for reasons that some third person thinks are inappropriate, and as a consequence the state must intercede and micromanage not only that relationship but the thoughts that people have about them.......for forever..... is the kind of make-work idiocy that governments sadly are great at. Let's envisage a world where we imagine there's a 'problem' that only we can fix but that is so intractable it will take centuries and trillions of dollars to barely budge the needle.

    And considering that no one's MAKING Muslims take off their hijabs at the non-Muslim grocery store while the government forces that Polish butcher to never sell pork, and no one's MAKING your local hair salon do black hair weaves it's clear that the government's thumb on the scale has a laser focus that is racist is its own right.

  5. Accusations of racism only occur when there's a stigma against racism. The stigma did not arise until the Civil Rights movement, therefore no one bothered to mention racism before then. Now that the stigma exists, "racism" is hurled around in discourse the way "Jew" is hurled around in many OIC states.