Tuesday, April 4, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman speak with US commentator Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld about his fears for the future of US Jewry, and we then hear from Mustafa Akyol, a self-described moderate Muslim on the place of Islam in the modern world.

The fellahs speak with Swedish journalist/politician Nima Gholam Ali Pour on how life for Jews in Sweden is getting worse, and Isi Leibler joins them as usual from Jerusalem.

3 min Editorial: latest Palestinian advocacy

9 min Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld, on US Jewry and Israel

52 min Mustafa Akyol, Muslim US-based journalist

1: 15 Nima Gholam Ali Pour, Swedish journalist/politician

1: 32 Isi Leibler from Jerusalem

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  1. Meanwhile over at the Daily Nutcase Swamp 90% of Kossacks think Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. This despite repeated denials of that by various intelligence officials.


    1. Doesn't the same crowd think Israel is an apartheid state on "Palestinian land?"
      Here's something novel:

      And here is something at least worth the read and some consideration:

    2. On the video the highlight is a 3:51.

  2. "Black Lives Matter Philly banned white people from an upcoming event, claiming it is a “black only space.”

    The April 15 meeting plans to discuss projects and initiatives for the upcoming year and act as a place for people to “meet, strategize and organize.” While children are invited to attend, white people are explicitly banned from the meeting, according to the Facebook event page.

    When people began questioning the ban on whites over Twitter, Black Lives Matter Philly stayed by their ban, explaining that their meetings are “black centered.”

    Anyone who identifies as “African disapora” is allowed to attend, the group explained over Twitter."


    And Zionists are unwelcome in the feminist movement etc. Catch the play?

    1. Which makes one wonder why do Jews want to participate.

    2. "And Zionists are unwelcome in the feminist movement etc"

      So are most normal women.

    3. It represents the western-left break with liberalism.