Friday, December 1, 2017



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  3. Supposedly, Trump will announce on Wed. American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and at some point in the future move the US embassy there. The Palestinians are saying this would mark the end of the peace process and predict all kinds of dire repercussions. Good. F**k them. I for one am tired of their constant violence and threats.

    1. Agreed. We need to call their bluff. As for the peace process, unless the Palestinians change their view about Israel as a Jewish state that is here to stay, it's not going to happen.

    2. Nothing indicates they intend to do that sheldan. As a matter of fact, their increasing incitement educating their young to hate Jews indicates just the opposite. The world has mollycoddled the scammers too long. Time to get tough.

    3. sheldan,
      They're not even close to doing that. In fact, their program is to do the opposite. They indoctrinate their kids with hate and glorification of murder, and that's sugarcoating it. There is no peace process, just a shakedown of donors.
      The only thing that can possibly change their tune is their utter defeat.

  4. Then my point is that there will be no negotiations unless they do. Therefore, there should not be any peace negotiations. The only way they will change, as JeffwithaJ says, is to defeat them and then obtain a final settlement.

    1. " the goal of Palestinians is, as always, not to have a state. their desire for an independent state is the biggest myth of them all. They could have one. They could have had one a half dozen times over the years.

      Their goal is the "right of return" to destroy the Jewish State demographically and control of Jewish holy places in Jerusalem to destroy the Jewish State spiritually. The demand for a state is secondary, not primary."

  5. Tomorrow Trump will sign the waiver, which he will probably sign again in 6 months.

    Supposedly on Wednesday he will give a speech recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Oh boy. Maybe he can also tell us what the highest mountain is and which city has the greatest population.

    Declaring that he acknowledges Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will do precious little to advance Israeli - not to mention Jewish - interests, but will nonetheless cause the idiots in Ramallah, and elsewhere, to go bloody bonkers.

    People will die, but it is exceedingly unclear to me just what will have been gained.

    Moving the embassy to Jerusalem would establish that the Arabs could no longer use the city as a wedge against the Jews and thus would go a long ways toward actually resolving the conflict.

    As it is likely to play out, however, Israel will get violence in return for nothing at all.

    1. "Jordan, Egypt warn US against recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital
      Concerned over Trump's expected announcement of the US' recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Jordan and Egypt both warn such a move would only fuel extremism and violence and stifle attempts to renew the Middle East peace process.",7340,L-5051592,00.html

      cause none of that exists NOW? Derpa derpa. Why do Arabs think we are all stupid? Maybe because our leaders cringe and hide when such pronouncements are made. F**k them. Ya know, if Trump doesn't show some backbone on this NO ONE ever will. That simple.

  6. Mike, you are probably right. That would be the problem with any half-measures.

    I think this is a case of "I'll believe it when I see it."

  7. Trump will likely adopt an almost Obamian stance and declare Israel the undivided capital of Israel w/o moving the Embassy there. After all, it's the former that drives the Arabs insane, not the latter.

    1. Not sure why you would call it an Obamian stance. Obama's pro-Israel posturing was, IMV, insincere, whilst he worked in substantial ways to undermine Israel's position and its claims to Jerusalem. Nor were Obama's moves ineffectual.

  8. "Then Trump showed up.

    Over a discussion that lasted nearly an hour, Trump, who stayed longer than expected, became agitated and exasperated at what he saw as overly cautious bureaucratic hand-wringing, two people familiar with the discussion said. Focused on his campaign promise to make the move, Trump seemed frustrated with pushback about the potential backlash among Palestinians and their supporters, the people said. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because the White House has not yet said what it will do about the waiver.

    The result of the meeting was a proposal, still under discussion, to issue a waiver but make a formal declaration that the United States considers Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital, officials said."

    Promising if true. Sooner or later he is going to get really fed up at being threatened I suspect.


    According to Israel’s Channel 2, sources have revealed that a site for the embassy has been chosen and preliminary steps toward construction are already underway.

    The report cites anonymous sources saying the site chosen for the new embassy is the Diplomat Hotel in the neighborhood of Arnona. Furthermore, a well-known Israeli architect has been hired and is collaborating with Trump’s representatives as well as the municipal planning board.

    There is documented evidence that the preparations are being made, according to Channel 2. They apparently include major changes to the interior of the hotel in order to satisfy the needs of an embassy, such as providing new entrances and exits, security rooms, bomb shelters, and underground facilities. Security measures will also be introduced on the exterior of the building, such as fences, guardhouses, and electronic surveillance.

  10. Regardless of what he does, if he stops halfway, it's not good enough.

    I have a feeling that Doodad's right in that there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and when the time is right, the announcement will happen.

  11. "ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will not announce a decision on Monday on whether he will again delay moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a White House spokesman said, despite Monday's deadline for doing so.

    An announcement on the decision will be made "in coming days," White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told reporters aboard Air Force One as Trump was returning from a trip to Utah."