Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Trump tells Abbas, Jordan king of ‘intention’ to move embassy to Jerusalem"

Michael Lumish

That is the headline for the Times of Israel written by AFP and Dov Lieber.

Well, my my my.

I am bit shocked, but happy.

I cannot know the extent to which this is shadow-boxing and bullshit, but presuming that it is true, it is a very big deal.

If Donald Trump got Mahmoud A. and Abdullah # II on the phone and said, "Sorry, fellahs, we're moving the embassy to Jerusalem" that is a very positive game-changer.

In fact, I would argue that so long as Jerusalem is up-for-grabs the conflict will continue and many more Jews and Arabs - not to mention Christians and others - will die in this Koranically-grounded conflict. The misery will go on and on. Israeli Jews will continue to come under rocket attack and twelve-year-old Palestinian-Arab know-nothings will ceaselessly throw rocks at automobiles on the highway or stab Jewish grandmothers in the throat.

This miserable thing will only be resolved at such a time when there is a clear-cut winner and a loser. So long as the "international community" - whatever that is, exactly - continues to insist upon a never-ending "peace process" then, by definition, there can never be peace.

The West, particularly the EU, gives no indication that it is interested in ending the Long Arab War against the Jews of the Middle East. On the contrary, what it seems to want is for the "peace process" to continue ad infinitum.

So long as the naive and passive-aggressive West continues to believe, against all evidence, that what the Palestinian-Arabs actually want is a state for themselves in peace next to Israel then there will never be resolution.

As this graphic from our friends at "Prager U" clearly states:


That is historically accurate, without any question.

If the Palestinian-Arabs wanted a state for themselves beside the Jewish one they could have had that long ago, but that was never the goal and it still is not.

Let us hope that Trump actually does move the embassy.


  1. The status quo goes nowhere. Maybe it is time for a change, one way or the other. If Trump pulls the trigger, the world may be reminded back to how the Palestinians led the world in terrorism. Their schtick is old and is ready to be rejected, despite their threats.

  2. The Arab states have their own problems to contend with: Iran, ISIS. etc. They have economic problems, social problems of their own and after a century of blaming everything on the Jews, it hasn't worked out well for them. Not on a macro level in their own countries and not, and this is important, in keeping many of their heads attached to their necks. Egypt has had two coups since 2011, Tunisia threw out their monarchy, effectively. Khadafy is dead, the president of Yemen is dead, the president of Lebanon is in exile, the Saudis had a palace coup, Iraq is a smoking hole in the ground and Syria is worse. And the rest of busy exporting millions of miserable filthies to Europe before they rise up and explode at home.

    No I think the Arabs have been dragged to their senses and now see that it's better to work quietly with Israel while telling the 'palestinians' "Hey we tried, you fucked it up, go figure your retarded shit out on your own."

    Who is screaming that it's Armageddon? Turkey, Iran, Syria, Hamas, the PLO and Mullah Stay-Puff of Hezbollah. And Keith Ellison and Diane Feinstein. And may each of them die choking on sand.

  3. "If the Palestinian-Arabs wanted a state for themselves beside the Jewish one ..."

    If the Palestinian-Arabs wanted another state for themselves, in addition to the one that was fashioned out of land taken from the Jews and named "Jordan" ...