Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Democratic Gamble: Calling People Nazis, the other N-Word

Empress Trudy

This is what's coming across to me as I'm inundated with the hate-filled, hysterical hatred oozing from today's Democrats.

Calling Republicans Nazis is not only detestable and inaccurate, but is a sure way for Democrats to NEVER regain voters lost in the last election unless they capture a new generation of self-loathing individuals who believe the way to salvation is to accept the moniker put on them by these hate mongers.

Calling Republicans Nazis is as disgusting as using the other N-word that has resulted in official actions from firing to demands for apology, yet the Nazi N-word is thrown about by Democrats with impunity. This is a double standard that hurts people and goes back to a time of human depravity and intolerance and genocide that still impacts millions around the world, especially with the resurgence of anti-Semitism worldwide. Calling our President and-or his supporters the Nazi N-word is NOT OK, but Democrats do it absentmindedly, falsely and in an effort to marginalize Republicans, to make them appear valueless, worthy of hatred and any maltreatment Democrats can come up with.

Substituting idiotic and transparent euphemisms doesn't work either. For instance, sometimes Democrats switch it up and call Republicans and the President "racist" instead of a Nazi. Just as bad and just as hateful on their part, much like the current "acceptable" anti-Semitism that asserts that it's not anti-Semitism, it's anti-Zionism. Just like we know or should know racism is discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, and claiming anti-any race speech isn't racism is racist.

With all the allegations of Nazism attempting to sanitize the actual history of Nazism and simultaneously inspire hatred and anger towards Republicans, Democrats have really painted themselves into a corner. They're left having to support all things Democrat and dismiss all things Republican ignoring that Obama's presidency wasn't the greatest for millions of Americans and contributed to Hillary's failure.

Calling all dissenters the N-word is the Democrat strategy developed after the Obama Administration strategy revealed by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber relying on LACK OF TRANSPARENCY and THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER as the way to get Obamacare passed stopped working.

Except for the hopelessly ignorant, Obama's excellence was never as excellent as Obama proclaimed nor did it persuade Americans that Hillary Clinton's Obama-plus was at all desirable for our nation. Still, the Democrats are working overtime with Obama to scrub his entire record, not merely the deleted tapes that surfaced this week regarding two of his Administration's scandals the Iran deal and the IRS, but his whole record.

For those who didn't deify Obama, Obama's less than truthful strategy wasn't only evident from these missing tapes or from his knowledge and participation in the illegal servers used by Clinton. After all, in 2013, even the societal cooperation and complicity in perpetuating Obama's years of lying about the Affordable Care Act, (the law was passed in 2010 and it wasn't until 2013 after his re-election that what the law really meant for consumers came to light), got then President Obama earning the status of telling the LIE OF THE YEAR in 2013.

Benghazi, the Iran Deal, the IRS scandal, the fast and furious gun-running scandal that resulted in Eric Holder's contempt of Congress status though he faced neither fine nor jail for his lawbreaking, Iran, all underplayed and now being rewritten to glorify Obama in contrast to demonizing Trump. The slashing of unemployment and food stamps, grotesquely forgiven as we were expected to applaud Michelle Obama's vegetable garden, the return to unfriendly tax policies regarding medical expenses above 10 percent rather than 7.5 percent of income in order to have a tax deduction, the return to increased payroll taxes in grotesque comparison to public employee perks and benefits. All these were Obama, yet the scrubbing of his record continues, because in order to make Trump look worse than the N-word he is labeled, knowing that isn't enough, Democrats must also lie about Obama's performance.

Even when it came to Obama's less than meaningful support for Israel, with decision-making including one of his last official acts to throw Israel under the bus at a UN vote and the Iran deal, Obama's bias was forgiven, though it was easily traceable to his long-term anti-Semitic indoctrination by his "preacher" Jeremiah Wright. Though Obama fans were complicit in suppressing his mugging for a photo op with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan until after his tenure, few could be surprised that such a photo existed.

But when eight years of a White House that had contempt for voters and used that Democratic strategy of lack of transparency and the stupidity of the American voter wasn't working in the 2016 election for Democrats, we started hearing about Republican Nazis.

Clinton and Obama were holdouts for using the label, instead trying to devalue Trump by calling him crazy and unfit with a glaring insensitivity to slurs designed to devalue the mentally ill. But after the Democrat defeat, Obama jumped on the Nazi N-word bandwagon warning that complacency gave rise to Nazi Germany…Without specifically naming Trump, still assuming voters are stupid and didn't get it I suppose.

But ironically the Democrat hate playbook is eerily Nazi-like these days. For all self-righteous "stupid" voters, whose fuel is anger based in fallacy, whose platform is tolerance based in discrimination, whose goals are compassion based in chaos, here's a wake-up call…Your party is intolerant and racist, your party is utilizing propaganda and media to marginalize segments of your country's population of citizens, your party is scapegoating people through their language and their conduct. And you are picking up the mantle of hateful Democratic rhetoric and using it to justify barbaric policies of hatred. At least that's the message I'm getting from the Democratic Party and its followers.

Democrats should despise today's rhetoric about Nazis because it grossly distorts history and sanitizes the genocide of WWII and because it's a politically-motivated untruthful ploy that renders the Democratic Party a threat to democracy that if supported will bring its flavor of intolerance, divisiveness, prejudice, bias and hatred into government. But mostly, Democrats should dump the Nazi N-word because it has painted them into a corner where few sensible voters could vote for a Democrat.

Go look up the National Archives, the Holocaust Museum and other sources available to people who can read so you can better understand why we should fear you and your reliance on anger and hatred towards your critics, invoking the use of the N-word, Nazi.

Here's your Nazi history checklist. Nazis began with demonizing citizen Jews, a dishonest campaign of defining Jews as "them," as opposed to the German "us." Having set Jews up as the enemy, a campaign of permitting the abuse of Jews, devaluing the humanity of Jews, and blaming every societal hardship on the Jews came easily. Then, secure in their governmental office, well that's when the dehumanizing verbiage, tolerance of maltreatment of and finally the legal policy of extermination of a population became full-blown Nazi Germany. That was Nazism.

Democrats, here's why you're a worry to me. Your offensive and inaccurate language as a means of demonizing non-Democrat voters…Perpetuating the losing campaign language of Hillary Clinton and her deplorables, her six Steves, her labels of crazy and racist, we get a frustrated conglomerate of public people comfortably calling our President and his supporters the N-word, Nazis and as recently as 6/22/2018, ad-men like MSNBC's Donny Deutsch calling people who vote for Trump Nazis.

And don't discount the ad men, because if you go back to your National Archives, you'll see the important role propaganda played in garnering support for atrocities against Jews in Nazi Germany under the leadership of Goebbels. Facebook and Google's manipulations and selective weeding out of the news you read would make any propagandist proud.

Jews were scapegoated and blamed for the ills of Germany's society in Nazi times. A group of citizens singled out as the cause for economic challenges in Germany. This is where the anti-white male rhetoric that has been put forth as "acceptable" racism/genderism should create a hypocrisy attack among Democrats. To achieve tolerance we must be racist against white males is not only impossible, because that is racism and therefore is not tolerance but is injuring a segment of our population based on nothing more than skin color…In other words, you who do this are abusers and racists.

It doesn't matter why Democrats believe their racism is OK or how they seek to redefine racism in order to justify their racism, their racism is an embarrassment. Listening to Hillary Clinton joke about the "six Steves," or deplorables were jokes only haters could appreciate. Read about the Democratic National Committee's determination not to hire white males or to listen to the garbled hatred against white male from every quarter is racism. To claim it's NOT racism is the WORST kind of racism, the societally embraced and excused racism.

Just like in Nazi Germany, before the Nazis were actually entrenched in their power, it became acceptable to devalue, mistreat, take away jobs and even commit crimes against Jews, after all, they were less than, they were marginalized, they were not to be considered.

Democrats beware, you are perpetrators. The very fact that this week there was more propaganda about Melania Trump's coat than the specific and publicized plan by Peter Fonda encouraging the kidnap, imprisonment, and rape by pedophiles of the President's 12-year-old son should sicken and startle you, unless you're aware of the propaganda Goebbels playbook.

After uttering his dark vision for America, Peter Fonda's tepid apology excusing himself because what he watched on TV indicated that this is what was happening to migrants (which ironically would support separating children from the "pedophile adults" he apparently saw) was considered good enough should have produced outcry, but not surprisingly it didn't, after all he's a Democrat and no dissent is possible. Even when Pat Dussault picked up the hate mantle and threatened Donald Trump Jr.'s four year old daughter Chloe with the promise that "we're" coming for you too, Democrats barely blinked an eye.

On the Holocaust Museum website are commonly asked questions. One was: What happened in Nazi Germany if people refused to participate in atrocities? The site answers: "Germans who refused to participate in atrocities were generally not punished, but risked peer, social, and sometimes professional exclusion or disadvantage."

This is another Democrat method today. People are afraid of being shut down, ridiculed and ostracized (or worse) if they are not Democratic Party loyalists. Campuses are afraid not to bend to the wishes of groups shutting down conservative speakers even as they entertain Democratic party-liners feeding the continued stream of hatred that is the Democratic Party today.

But don't forget what finally happened in Nazi Germany after years of the propaganda, scapegoating and excusing and then encouraging crime against the sub-human enemies of the true Germans, the passage of the Nuremberg laws. This is where the Democrats are headed with their unconscionable, inaccurate and dangerous rhetoric against citizen segments of America who disagree with them and once they're in office making laws out of their hatred of today, America will face the dark, pessimistic hate-filled Democratic platform of today with the power of law behind it.


  1. I suspect that once again, that old "silent majority," will rise up and punish the uncivil, violent, law breaking boors in the Democratic party. Trump is surely laughing up his sleeve.

  2. This blog just released three new articles in one day.

    Most people, including me, cannot keep-up with that rapid pace.

    If Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz were on this blog right now, he would probably say that calling ordinary people “Nazis” is a form of Holocaust-denial.

    He made a similar statement, not very long ago, and he is not here now, so I do my humble best to speak on his behalf.

    If the Democrats are not removed from power, then the people who participate on this blog may live to see the day when making factually correct criticisms of Islam result in fines or imprisonment or both.

    The more I learn about the Democrats, the more I realize that the Democrats are: wicked, ignorant, intolerant, corrupt, dishonest, honor-less, irrational tyrants who want to reshape the USA into the image of the USSR of the 1970s, with Jews thrown in jail because they studied Hebrew or because they recited Jewish prayers or because they attempted to move to Israel.

    If the Democrats gain enough power, then the only people in America who will be permitted to freely practice their religion will be Muslims.

    NEW: Who are the Palestinians?


    NEW: Basic Middle East Facts:


    1. "The more I learn about the Democrats, the more I realize..."

      Exactly the point I made! What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The Democrats should stop exaggerating the faults and crimes of the Right. The fact that many Democrats have not does not justify doing the same to them.

  3. Please spare me your self-righteousness about your concern about comparing people to Nazis and of scapegoating of the other. Do you object to Rush Limbaugh making reference to "Feminazis?" Do you object to that demonization being deployed against Spanish speakers?

    "revealed by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber relying on LACK OF TRANSPARENCY and THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER as the way to get Obamacare passed"

    So, you object to the fact that people who are unworthy, by dint of having contracted some preexisting condition, are being kept alive? Do you forget that Gruber was also the architect of Romneycare, which some Republicans considered a reason to SUPPORT Romney in 2008?

  4. To put it into Hilliary Clintonese, the current tactics of the Dems are deplorable and just might also be irredeemable.

  5. The Dems are taking the Justice Kennedy news bad. They haven't been this upset since yesterday.

  6. "The #WalkAway movement consists of free-thinking liberals who are horrified by what has become of their side, of the Democratic Party, and they are posting videos and social media shares on why they have chosen to #WalkAway."



    1. Agreed. Good that liberals are waking up to the tyranny of progressives. More secular Jews should also wake up.