Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ari Fuld: 1973 - 2018

Michael Lumish

I don't have a lot to say about this other than that it saddens me greatly.

I was not a friend of Ari's, but I knew of him and we occasionally crossed paths in a friendly manner on Facebook. He was friends with others who I consider friends and he was just -- to my mind -- part of the larger pro-Jewish / pro-Israel network of people.

The Judeosphere.

I have to say, I am a little surprised at the tremendous outpouring for this man. I had no idea that he was so well-known. I knew he was well-liked and respected among many people, but even Netanyahu and others within the Israeli government are expressing their sadness at this murder.

And that, unfortunately, is all that I can do.

He had four children.



  1. I have a few things to say about this most recent tragedy, all of them based on Jewish tradition.

    First, I say: Baruch HaDayan HaEmet – praise G*D, Who is the true judge.
    We Jews traditionally say that, whenever anyone dies.

    Second, I say: HASHEM Yinkom Damo -- may G*D avenge his blood, which is traditionally said when someone is unjustly murdered.

    Third, I say: May he be a Melitz Yashar [spiritual intercessor] on behalf of the Jewish people. Viewed from this perspective, his career of pro-Israel activism has not ended, it is just beginning a new phase with a new kind of pro-Israel activism, as he stands before the Throne of G*D and intercedes on behalf of the Jewish people.

    Fourth, a fund has been established to help his widow and orphans, but I do not know where to send money to help them.

    This looks helpful, but I do not know for sure if it is real, or maybe it is a scam:

    Who are the Palestinians?

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  3. After reading about how he was a well-known and effective pro-Zionist speaker, I'm wondering about the possibility that this was a hit job.