Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

This week’s program is dedicated to the memory of Ari Fuld a”h, a great Israel advocate and friend of Nothing Left.

Michael Burd and Alan Freedman begin with Canadian Jewish leader Henry Roth speaking about Jewish life in Europe and elsewhere, and then hear from R’ Yehuda Glick MK, an activist for Jewish access to the Temple Mount who survived an assassination attempt.

The guys also chatted with the IPA’s Director of Policy, Simon Breheny.

Before that we spoke with Arnold Roth in Jerusalem who is relentless in bringing one of the organisers of a terror attack that killed his daughter Malki to justice.

Here is this week's episode of Nothing Left ...

4 min Editorial:  Palestinian Arab funding

10 min Henry Roth, Canadian Jewish writer and Israel advocate

34 min R’ Yehuda Glick, MK in Australia

57 min Arnold Roth in Jerusalem   

1 hr 12 Simon Breheny, Director of Policy, Inst of Public Affairs

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  1. www.algemeiner.com/2018/09/18/new-york-times-finds-ari-fulds-murder-not-fit-to-print/

    1. Wait till they realize the murderer's family will be paid $1.8 million dollars. Then the NYT will scream and moan that Americans are denied the opportunity to kick in their tax dollars toward the murder of Jews.

    2. There you go, America again lagging behind the Europeans. They really have it together.

  2. It is absolutely astonishing to my mind that the UN and the EU -- and apparently until this moment, the US -- quite literally paid Arabs to kill Jews.

  3. Astonishing and sick. But tolerated largely by the Jewish community who are unfortunately becoming increasingly apathetic to Israel, because in most “Yeshivish” communities, “Israeli” doesn’t translate to “Jewish”.

  4. Michael Lumish referred to Ari Fuld as A”H.

    A”H is the English transliteration of a Hebrew acronym which approximately means “rest in peace”.

    This is interesting to me, because for many decades, only Orthodox Jews used A”H after the name of a deceased person, but because of the internet, A”H is now used by Reform, Conservative and Secular Jews.

    Similarly, Speed Dating was invented by an Orthodox Rabbi, but is now used by Reform, Conservative and Secular Jews, and even Gentiles.

    Who are the Palestinians?


    1. Cohen, thank you for that explanation. Seriously, I was not at first quite sure what that signified.