Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Age of Virtue Rage (Or, How to Reinvigorate Nazism)

Michael Lumish

The early part of the twenty-first century in the United States might be considered the Age of Virtue Rage. Never before in the history of this country have so many people come together in honor of hatred and self-righteous indignation for so little reason.

I did not vote for President Donald Trump, nor did I advocate for him, and yet these boring-as-hell monkey-like group-thinkers scream from the hillsides -- day and night and night and day -- about what a terrible person this guy is. It is fairly amazing, actually, because the two biggest gripes against this president are that he is allegedly racist and sexist. The burning, unquenchable hatred for Trump is grounded in these twin notions.

And, yet, the Hate Lovers enjoyed Bill Clinton. I voted for Bill Clinton twice. He also, by today's standards, committed either rape or something akin to rape, in the White House.

And, for some reason, no one seems to mind.

{It is the hypocrisy that kills.}

And, please let us not forget that Barack Obama is a stone-cold racist. Obama honestly believed that he had every right to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live within the very land of our own ancestry. It does not get much more racist than that. Some people will say that former President Obama merely wanted to bring about a compromise between the Arab-Palestinians who want to murder Jews and the Jews who disagree with that proposition.

And neither side was willing to compromise.

What I say is that the American-Left and the Democratic Party is riddled with racial hypocrisy.

The rage in American hearts, today, looks like nothing so much as the USA during the very peak of the Vietnam War in 1968, by which time tens of thousands of young American men had died in combat. The passion and the screaming from the heart and the Antifa violence in the streets in places like Berkeley are very reminiscent of 1968. Of course, in 1968, aside from the War in Vietnam, there was outright sexism toward women and the Klan was still on the march.

Not today, though.

So sorry, but the bad old days are gone.

The current hysteria around White Supremacism and the Klan and the Nazis and this recent thing dubbed the "alt-right" is largely bullshit in the service of progressive-left political purposes. And the thing of it is, this is not to doubt the sincerity of these women, including those of the male variety, pissing their panties. I have no doubt that they actually do fear, on some vague level, the rise of the Old Right. But even if that fear is real it is merely a self-serving, self-righteous, political "red herring" because Americans despise right-wing Nazis and those of such an ilk.

The American Racist Right has no political presence.

The National Socialists have virtually no street presence and have not dusted off their black boots in over half a century.

They will not be real until such a time as we manufacture enough of them to make them real so that we can have something to push against for social-psychological reasons.

But if you want Nazis, here is how to create them.

Keep screaming at "white" people -- whoever exactly you take them to be -- and see how the young men eventually react.

I guarantee you this, however, if you want Nazis for psychological and reasons of political power badly enough, they will arrive.



  1. Well, it will be presented as Nazi even if it is just, as far as I can tell, white overload. A large number of whites are tired of the constant abuse hurled at them. I know I am and it means I have mostly closed my ears to it all and divested myself from hithertoo good causes which I now see as simply raving bullshit.

    That said, yes, there will be an increase in "Nazi" type rhetoric as a defense/survival mechanism but little actual Nazism I suspect. Even the most popular "white," venues (eg alt-right)see Nazis as morons with little relevance to their goals of promoting whiteness. I know the term promoting whiteness sounds supremacist so maybe what I really mean is defending it when no one else is.

    1. I think that you've got it, Doodad... which is to say nothing more than that we agree.

      But are Jews "white"?

  2. Hypocrisy doesn't worry me. It's a deeply ingrained human trait. What does irritate me no end is having someone else's failure at being adequately toilet trained shoved down by throat. To me the anger is unimportant. I don't care that the left et al is angry. That's road rage. But when childish road rage becomes something that's inescapable that's when I get mad in turn. And more than infuriating it's boring. It's predictable and dull. That is the greatest sin. It's lazyness. It's disdain for ME as if the crazy person on the sidewalk with a sandwich board screaming about the end of the world can't muster the interest to find the end of their own sentence because I'm not worth it. Then why the fuck are you telling me at all?

    Today the Senate became a circus. Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh were absurd. People were screaming inside the first 9 seconds. There were angry woman in Handmaid's Tale uniforms, there was Linda Sarsour there because...well who knows?

    But be clear none of this is about Brett Kavanaugh. It's about Donald Trump. If Trump nominated a black Mexican lesbian transqueer illegal alien Muslim who was having an actual medical abortion during the hearings, the reaction would be the same. It has to be.

    "This is hell/this is hell/and I'm sorry to tell you/it never gets better or worse" - Elvis Costello

    1. Trump is a guy with a laser pointer The media and the left are cats

  3. The Nazis were defeated in 1945 by the Allies, the big ally of all the allies was the USA. So yes, that is quite a high wall for any current Nazis to get their chubby asses over.
    But I am in total agreement with you about that last part of your piece.
    The goings on at Charlottesville might mean one thing to the (g)lib media but to me anarchists and Nazi's fighting in the streets is what was going on in Germany just before Hitler's rise, and helped smooth his path to power.
    Antifa, amongst other things, is quite stupid.

  4. The Saad Truth. 491 "White people"


  5. If you want to create white racists,
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  6. Mike, if you haven't read this yet, it is right up your alley.


    1. Jeff, I am with you my brother.

      Indigeneity is key and we have history and anthropology on our side.

    2. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2018/09/israels-jewish-indigenous-land-rights.html

  7. If you support "whiteness" then Jews are not, if you oppose it, Jews are.