Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Labour Betrayal

Michael Lumish

Delegates wave Palestinian flags, chant ‘Free Palestine’
during Labour conference held amid widespread
anti-Semitism accusations

The Times of Israel and AP staff tell us:
Britain’s main opposition Labour Party on Tuesday passed a motion strongly criticizing Israel and pledging to halt all UK weapon sales to the Jewish state if it rises to power, as a senior lawmaker warned the party must root out anti-Semitism amid persistent scandals dogging the party.

Delegates at the party’s conference in Liverpool voted to criticize Israel’s use of force against violent protests and riots on the Gaza border, urge more UK funding for the UN agency for Palestinians, and back a freeze on British arms sales to Israel.
The British, in general, have rarely been friends to the Jewish people and it is hard to know just what they want from our lives even as it is becoming less and less clear why we would should even care. Labour is threatening to halt UK weapons sales to Israel because our brothers and sisters dare to defend themselves against those who want us dead.

Not only does Hamas and the other Islamist organizations surrounding Israel -- not to mention the Palestinian Authority -- want us gone but they want us gone from the homeland our fathers.

It is a remarkable stand for Labour to take within living memory of the Holocaust.

Many of these people, to this day, probably still believe that the recent attacks on the Gaza border represent "peaceful protest." They must feel that the burning of Jewish crops and the killing of innocent creatures on animal preserves with those incendiary balloons -- that continues to this day -- are fully justified.

It is astonishing. There is all sorts of footage of violence and chaos and mayhem and blood coming from Arabs who live on Jewish land directed toward Jews, yet the progressive-left and the Labour Party honestly believe that we deserve whatever beating that we get.

I believe that this needs to be understood within the context of the long-standing European and Arab abhorrence to Jewish self-defense. For millennia the very notion of a Jew punching back was anathema within Europe and throughout the lands conquered via Arab and Muslim imperialism.

What is ironic and sad is Labour honestly does not recognize Judea as Jewish land.

They seem to believe that Israel is somehow part of the Arabian Peninsula and that, therefore, Jews need to be confronted for our usurpation of the land of others and the persecution of the innocent, bunny-like "indigenous Arab" population.

They do not recognize the indigeneity of the Jewish people to Israel even as they claim to stand for the rights of other indigenous peoples.

In 1190 there was the massacre of the Jews at York which took 150 of us, some taking their own lives during the bloody chaos and others burned in the tower.

In the year 1290 King Edward the First issued the Edict of Expulsion to the Jewish people living within England. The edict remained in force until Oliver Cromwell dropped by the British political scene in 1657.

There is even a delightful 2011 story from the BBC of all places that notes:
The remains of 17 bodies found at the bottom of a medieval well in England could have been victims of persecution, new evidence has suggested.

The most likely explanation is that those down the well were Jewish and were probably murdered or forced to commit suicide, according to scientists who used a combination of DNA analysis, carbon dating and bone chemical studies in their investigation.
Is there an actual difference between being murdered versus forced to commit suicide?

But these little acts of anti-Jewish malice are insignificant compared to British behavior during the Holocaust in which they refused Jewish escape from Germany and Poland even as the ovens were firing. The Brits issued the "White Paper" of 1939 that kept us away from our family in Israel even as the Nazis were rifling us down or gassing our grandparents.

And now the Labour Party is standing with Hamas and the PLO and thus want to halt weapons sales to Israel.

That is A-OK with me.

Why does Israel need to purchase weaponry? Would it not help the Israeli economy to replace British manufacturing with Israeli manufacturing? My guess is that Israel has all the expertise and resources necessary to fill the gap. The more independent Israel is, the better for everyone. The Jews of the Middle East, in my opinion, do not even need the 3 billion dollars in annual aid that the United States gives to American weapons manufacturers. This hardware comes with strings.

I do not want to say that we are in this fight alone, but we may need to think of "the conflict" in precisely those terms.



  2. "The British, in general, have rarely been friends to the Jewish people "
    If you told them that they would tell you what marvelous friends they have been to Jews. I'm not kidding.
    BTW, don't forget that after WWII they held Jews in internment camps for, I believe, as long as 3 years - people who wanted to and had a right to go to then Mandate Palestine. They shot people, they sank ships with holocaust survivors aboard.

    "It is a remarkable stand for Labour to take within living memory of the Holocaust."
    It was remarkable for the USSR and eastern bloc countries too, but they did it anyway. Now it's the turn of their heirs, i.e., Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.

    "For millennia the very notion of a Jew punching back was anathema within Europe and throughout the lands conquered via Arab and Muslim imperialism."
    And I would love for Israel to punch the Brits in their smug faces. They sorely need it.
    (You see? I care about them!)

    As far as the weaponry sales, I'm sure it helps the British economy the way such sales help our American economy. So let these anti-Israelite Labourites do their worst. We shall smite them.
    But seriously, this will be only one of many ways Hugo Chavez fanboy Corbyn and his lieutenant, Stalin fanboy, Seamus "Shameless" Milne will turn the UK's economy into urine. These wild-eyed leftie Labourites will look you straight in the face and say it has nothing to with antisemitism, even as they hob-nob with avowed Jew haters and every synagogue and Jewish school in their country needs round the clock security.

    I don't know if you saw Robert Wistrich's speech shortly before he died about the British where well into a slow methodical speech he suddenly just comes out and practically screams it, "they're antisemites!"

    1. Not only the UK, the US and Australia too, yet we ended up taking more survivors than any other country. Though it was the Jewsih community who lobbied the government not to take the Jewsih riff-raf of Europe as they would lower the standard of living of Australian Jews!!

      PLUS we have a long and proud association with Israel.

      We are also the only country which has Jews as some of it's founding members.

    2. There are Jewish members of the Labour party who had police protection to attend the conference.

  3. Holocaust denial is the de facto policy of all of Labour and most of the UK generally. In a year or two it will be law. I shouldn't worry. Theresa May holds her job by thread and like all politicians she will go full Jew hate soon just to fight out Labour from electoral victory. One way or another, the UK is going full on Jew hate and we will see something like Kristalnacht of the information age. It will be very polite, very legalistic, very social media oriented, it will use all of the left wing SJW words that strive to distinguish good Jews from bad Jews. But for the most part any Brits who maintain their Jewish identity will be kicked out of participation in the machinery of law, the economy, the media, the schools, politics, health care. It will I suppose more closely resemble the Inquisition than anything else. First demand all the Jews stop behaving like Jews, then execute the ones that comply. Whomever's left, gets kicked out of the country for a few hundred years.

    Very standard European behavior.

  4. this is why if you don't support the travel ban, you're an idiot. Its the only way to keep America's electorate from becoming like the UKs

    1. Well, not the only way. Vetting to eliminate antisemitism could also work with threat of expulsion if found to have lied. And it wouldn't have to be exclusively antisemitism but a general prohibition against hatred based on religion or ideology or sexual orientation. That said, in today's reality, enhanced vetting and reduced immigration in general is a needful thing. America is not an empty frontier anymore.

  5. "we will recognize a Palestinian state as soon as we take office,” Corbyn announced, receiving some of the most prolonged applause in he speech and a standing ovation."

    AND ban arm sales to Israel. IOW, contribute to enhanced sponsored terrorism by genocidal Jew killers; a goal of all the SOB's.Seig Heil, Labour. Seig Heil, Britain.

    1. It's what British antisemitism looks like today.