Saturday, April 27, 2019

73 Years After The Holocaust


The Holocaust ended about 73 years ago and Jews and most others proclaimed, "Never Again." But of course that only slowed down antisemitism a wee bit. As everyone knows, it is making a massive resurgence lately. Much of it comes under the banner of anti Zionism because a lot of anti Zionists just can't resist those old antisemitic tropes. The list is too long for me to go into here. You know who they are.

The latest installment is from the Opinion page of the NYT.

The image, published in the international print edition of Thursday’s paper, featured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog wearing a Star of David collar leading President Trump, who is wearing a skullcap and dark glasses.
I'm not going to post the image because it is offensive and I will not propagate it. You can see it yourself at the link. After many complaints the NYT capitulated:

 “The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it,” the newspaper said in a tweet. “It was provided by The New York Times News Service and Syndicate, which has since deleted it.”

Talk about pulling an Omar without the victim hood excuses.  And, like her, if this were a one time thing it could be excused but considering the NYT's track record and the fact that the cartoon would have to have passed the judgement of probably 4 editors before it was published, it is obvious the NYT has an antisemitism problem. Trump would say the NYT is the enemy of the people....the Jewish people.


  1. "Sheriff’s deputies warned of a man with a gun at Chabad of Poway about noon Saturday
    By Kristina Davis, J. Harry Jones
    April 27, 2019
    12:35 PM
    POWAY —

    As many as four people have reportedly been shot at the Chabad of Poway on Saturday.

    A suspect was taken into custody."

    Wonder if he reads the NYT?

  2. This ia all inter-related. I hope Trump calls attention to the NYT cartoon.

    From the Jerusalem Post:

    “Another disgusting display of vile antisemitic trope celebrated in The NY Times World. The NY Times is signaling to the world that antisemitism is real, here and welcome,” wrote philanthropist Adam Milstein.

    Imam Mohamad Tawhidi condemned the cartoon on social media, saying it was reminiscent of antisemitic Islamist texts comparing Jews and dogs...

  3. Turns out the guy is a 19 year old white supremacist nutcase ala the Christchurch shooter. They found a manifesto in his home.

  4. That cartoon is grotesque. Who is the artist?

    1. Cant seem to find that info Jeff. Sorry

    2. As it turns out the international edition of The New York Times is pretty much an European-style "anti-Zionist" smut rag with defamatory editorials occupying its front page. See todays (Sunday) EoZ

    3. Found the cartoonist Jeff. He is Portuguese cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes.

    4. Thanks.
      I see he's big on defending freedom of expression, but is he keen, perceptive and aware? It seems that he's following the European line on Israel which is antisemitism uber alles, but fictionalize it as something else.

    5. The guy's just another brick in that antisemitism wall. And he has little talent beyond his anti Israel creds will get you a long way in Neo-nazi and leftist circles; but, I repeat myself. The NYT has doubled down with another objectionable cartoon.

  5. I stopped reading THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1982, because of its extremely obvious bias against Jews.

    I have *** NEVER *** regretted that decision,
    because THE NEW YORK TIMES has never
    given me any reason to regret that decision.

    On the contrary, since 1982, THE NEW YORK TIMES has incessantly and relentlessly portrayed Israel in the most unfavorable way possible, while consistently portraying all of Israel’s enemies in the most favorable way possible.


    Jewish Leader Refuses New York Times
    Apology over ‘Deeply Anti-Semitic’ Cartoon:


    Welcome to the world of The New York Times,
    where only Palestinian victims have names,
    ages, and sympathetic eyewitnesses:

    The New York Times LIED about Multi-Million
    Dollar Payments to Terrorists who Murdered Jews:

    Tamar Sternthal of the JointMedia News Service said:

    “On the news side, [ New York Times] editors refused to correct both the false report that a Pew survey found that nearly half of Israeli Jews favor expelling all Palestinians, as well as the completely unfounded claim that most of Jaffa’s Arab residents were forcibly expelled from their homes in 1948.”

    Anything Goes in New York Times Coverage of Israel
    by Tamar Sternthal / JointMedia News Service, 2019 April 9

    PS: Please tell people to STOP BUYING
    the falsehood-filled The New York Times!

  6. Rabbi Benjamin Blech said:

    It is time for Jews to say to the New York Times:

    “we’ve had enough.”

    SOURCE: J’Accuse
    by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, 2014/7/30


    Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said:

    “In the genocidal war being waged
    against the Jewish people,
    the New York Times is an accomplice.”

    SOURCE: A New Low, a blog article
    by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, 2015/10/29


    “The [New York] Times has a longstanding aversion
    to reporting straight-on demonization of the Jewish people…”

    SOURCE: ‘New York Times’ ends the year
    with an epic Israel smear
    by Andrea Levin, 2019/1/1


    QUESTION: How was the Holocaust reported
    by the New York Times during World War II?



    Another New York Times anti-Israel Character Assassination:

    PS: Do a good deed today!
    Stop buying the New York Times and NEVER go back to it again!

  7. The sooner the NYT goes out of business, the better. The sooner all antiZionists are made to pay for their hate, the better. The sooner Dem leaders call what happened in Poway antisemitic rather than bigoted, the better. The last point really enrages me because it shows Dems are actively avoiding the use of the word antisemitic. Hope Trump makes them pay for that via his usual tweeting and campaign sass.

  8. New York Times articles are not attacking “occupation” anymore,
    but the very idea of a Jewish state:

    2016/11/23: New York Times Erases Israel from Map:

    New York Times Front Page
    Harshes on Israel, Gives Obama a Pass:

    Mr. Dennis Prager said:

    “The New York Times has been in
    the forefront of the Left's hysterical, hate-filled
    attacks on police officers and whites.”

    SOURCE: The New York Times
    and the Left Have Blood on Their Hands

    by Dennis Prager, 2016 July 12


    Why Stuart W. Mirsky Stopped
    Reading the New York Times:

    New York Times Blames Israel for All Problems
    with Obama-Netanyahu Relationship:

  9. Emanuel Miller (a writer for
    www dot HonestReporting dot com) said:

    “Repeatedly, New York Times
    writers side with those who seek to
    spread the poison of anti-Israel rhetoric.”

    Buying the BDS Lies — Hook, Line, and Sinker
    by Emanuel Miller, 2019 April 22

    Why does “The New York Times
    continue to deny historical truth?


    New York Times hates Zionism and Israel:

    New York Times Slaps ‘Apartheid’ Label on Israel
    by Ira Stoll



    New York Times Criticized by famous Leftist Leader:

    Michael Moore is one of the greatest
    heroes of the political Far-Left.

    This is what he recently said
    about the accuracy of our news media:

    “The day before the election,
    The New York Times said he
    [Donald Trump] had a 15% chance of winning.

    Why would you believe anything
    The New York Times says after that?
    This is a [news]paper that,
    like much of the media, has been out of touch.”

    Michael Moore interviewed by Andy Greene,
    in Rolling Stone magazine,
    2017/11/30 edition, issue 1301, page 66

  10. "Stockholm residents have nothing to fear from Islamic State fighters, as they have returned from the Middle East to live peaceful, crime-free lives in Sweden — according to officials in the nation’s capital.

    The capital’s anti-violent extremism co-ordinator, Christina Kiernan, made the claim that jihadists who had come back from Syria and Iraq were now living “orderly lives” following public anger over the government’s decision not to strip people who fought for radical Islamic terror groups of their Swedish passports."

    I dunno guys. Were I a Swede I'm afraid I would look askance at every Muslim, man woman or child and wonder if they had beheaded someone. If I were Bernie I'd wonder how to get them to move to the US so they could vote for me.

  11. "Hundreds of people gathered Sunday night at a park for a vigil to honor the victims of an attack on a nearby synagogue the day before.

    People at the community park near Chabad synagogue in Poway held candles and listened to prayers in Hebrew."

    Hundreds. Remember the Christchurch aftermath? For Jews its hundreds. For Muslims, thousands and worldwide. How did the world get so f**ked up? Honestly.

  12. “This is not going to be the country of white people.” Omar's latest gaffe.

    Why do I get a feeling that in 2020, a LOT of white people are going to be saying, "hold my beer."

    Just as hate for blacks, Muslims and Jews must end, so must this outrageous hatred of whites by the left. It will not lead them where they think it will.

    1. She's ugly and detestable as are her defenders. A bigot's a bigot and she's a bigot.

  13. You realize of course that if Jesus really was a Palestinian he would have tried to knife the money changers and collect an annual pension from the State. So, no, he was not a Palestinian.

  14. Jesus was what today is called a Sephardic Jew. Muslim supremacy, toward Jews and Christians, is far worse than the opposite, and liberals that refuse to acknowledge are afraid of the mob.

    Strongly commend the three part series about Bret Weinstein and Evergreen State College. Part one here:

    Jared Kushner was interviewed last night on C-Span about the upcoming plan. Also worth a watch, especially for the insight into Trump's gestalt.

    An open thread would be nice here.

    1. Jesus was a Spaniard? I don't think so.
      I think he was a Judean, and I'm sure you don't know what he looked like, as I am also sure that whatever he looked like doesn't mean 1 single G__ damn thing.
      I'm sure it would matter to some people, for instance, Adolf Hitler, white nationalists, black nationalists, the Left, PC do gooders, PC not so good doers, Israel haters, and all manner of such "deep thinkers."
      For all anyone really knows he could have been short and tubby with a fleshy and bulbous nose, receding chin, a receding hairline, and as white as *Mohammad.

      *Several verses in Islamic texts point out big Mo's whiteness.

    2. Eydie Gorme (Gormezano) was Sephardic.é

    3. Gad Saad says:

      So true.