Thursday, April 11, 2019

Israel to the Moon


  1. This could take awhile. The "Genesis" spacecraft has been orbiting the moon in lowering circles for a few days. It may not land for a few hours.

  2. Sad that it didn't land, but I look at it like this. G-d created Adam "Beresheet", in the beginning. For a short time, all was good, but then, it went south. A perfect take off, some maneuvering, but then, a crash, so to speak. Just like the Beresheet. I've always learned that Adam repented, and learned from his mistakes. Repairing the world, (although I don't like "Tikkun Olam", it's used in ways to attack Israel, but I digress...). Israel will learn from went wrong and persevere. Mistakes in operations like this don't make us a failure. They are opportunities to grow. And we will!