Friday, April 5, 2019

Sarsour Whitewashes Omar


Raging Linda Sarsour recently tried to whitewash her buddy Omar's obvious anti-semitism in a recent speech:

But what has happened often from White Jews when they call you call an antisemite, is they look at Muslim women from an orientalist trope, that we are inherently antisemitic because we are Muslims, right?
"It's a stereotype that has been used often against the Muslim community. That we are antisemitic until proven otherwise. That we are guilty until proven innocent. It's not okay."
"She didn't know nothing in Somalia, about no antisemitism. This is something she is learning along the way now that she is a legislator
Where to begin? White Jews. Two of the most hated groups among leftists and Muslims like Sarsour and Omar evidently. The inclusion of the word white is an attempt I suppose to do the old good Jew Bad Jew thing; a common anti-semitic trope. This is also an attempt, like all the rants these bigots give, to mainstream antisemitic tropes.

Orientalist? Well, this is a reference to failed Jew hater and PLO member Edward Said's definition of "a way of seeing that imagines, emphasizes, exaggerates and distorts differences of Arab peoples and cultures as compared to that of Europe and the U.S. It often involves seeing Arab culture as exotic, backward, uncivilized, and at times dangerous" Exotic? Eye of the beholder. Backward, uncivilized, and at times dangerous? Well, look at what they do and say. Geeze, a whole Arab inspired Muslim  nation, Brunei has progressed so much it is now stoning gays in 2019. If that ain't backward, uncivilized and dangerous, I don;t know what is.

Stereotype? Well, if it walks like me a Muslim that isn't Pro-BDS or or anti-Israel and I'll show you a Muslim that isn't antisemitic. Until then, the shoe fits Linda.

Ignorance because she is from Somalia? Give me a break. Omar was brought up to hate Jews in Somalia and Islam. Duh. Sarsour was born and raised in America. She should know better than to be an antisemite but she is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants so she has a Jew hating pedigree.

The thing about all these so called Pro-Palestinians is that they don't understand that supporting peace is a far better strategy to make things better than advocating the end of Israel, Jew hate and all the other hate they promote and use to spur on violence between Palestinians and Israelis and hatred and violence among other groups they hate: non-Muslims, whites, the police, etc. It's no wonder "sour," is part of her surname.


  1. I really don't care for most of AOC's positions, her being part of that new crowd of freshmen congresswomen but I have to say she is NOT Like Omar and Tlaib and Sarsour. Sure, she has made a few silly expected statements about the occupation of Palestine and apartheid but she is not as bad as that trio and others. She is ditzy sometimes but I liked her recent statement that she was proud to have been a bartender. She should be. Takes something to realize the American dream and rise from bartender to congresswoman and until she becomes as bad as the others, which she likely will, I will not lump her in with them.

  2. “Reading the many progressive identity-based
    defenses of [Democratic congresswoman Ilhan] Omar,
    which repeatedly and pointlessly invoke
    the fact that she is a hijabi-wearing black refugee
    being criticized by a white native-born
    American woman, one gets the impression that
    this particular legislator can pretty much say
    whatever she wants and expect to be absolved for it:

    Her canonization as a left-wing
    hero is necessary, and irrevocable.”

    “[Congresswoman Ilhan] Omar cannnot
    be an anti-Semite because members of
    ‘marginalized’ groups are inherently virtuous.

    This is the ultimate logic of identity politics.”

    How Dare Chelsea Clinton Defend the Jews?
    by James Kirchick, 2019 March 19

    Rafaella Gunz said:

    “The thing is, too many (goyim) Western
    Leftists want to see everything as
    black and white, oppressed vs. oppressor.

    Many do not understand the nuance of
    the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    And what’s worse, many don’t care
    to understand the full story

    I was actually blocked by a feminist page
    for trying to explain why comparing
    Israel’s military tactics to full-on
    genocide is a slippery slope.

    Despite saying numerous times that
    I’m critical of the Israeli government’s
    policies, I was banned and had all
    my comments deleted.

    When other Jews on the thread asked
    why I was banned, the admin entirely
    misconstrued everything I said.”

    How I Dealt with Anti-Semites After the
    Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

    by Rafaella Gunz, 2018 May 30

    Do Leftists Believe What They Say?
    by Dennis Prager:

    Journalism’s Longest War: The New York Times
    versus Zionism and Israel
    by Edward Alexander:

  3. The REAL reasons why the Leftists hate Israel:

    “If the occupation [of the West Bank] ended
    tomorrow, Israel would still have a nationalist
    and religious identity at odds with the Left’s
    broadly post-nationalist and post-religious vision.”

    SOURCE: 2019 March 12
    The American Left’s Abandonment
    of Both Israel and the Jews


    If you want the truth about Israel
    and the Middle East, then do not waste
    your time with the FAKE NEWS
    of The New York Times and the
    Israel-bashing mainstream-news-media.

    Instead, visit these web sites:

  4. Hey, my first repost at Elder of Ziyon. Yay, us!

  5. I'm sure pasty Linda has huge reserves of white to wash Omar with.

  6. Brunei is not an Arab nation
    It is a Muslim state but it's located in southeast Asia and is majority Malay.

    1. Fixed it: changed to "Arab inspired Muslim nation" which should cover it all since Islam came from Arabs.

  7. O Rourke and Buttigieg both dissed Bibi after Bibi's latest pronouncement on the west bank annexations. O Rourke called Bibi a racist.

    If either of these guys gets elected, Israel is in real trouble; even more than with Obama.

    1. Buttigieg also calls into question the morality of Evangelicals. Democrats stand for piety.

    2. O'Dork and Buddhafake. Which one showed up at AIPAC? Which showed up at the Sharpton confab to pay homage to the "civil rights leader?"
      Just like the rest of the Democrat candidates.
      That being said, a friend of mine went to AIPAC last week and said he was encouraged by the Dems who were there and their commitment.
      I say that to be sure there is a battle for young people and we are losing thanks to half-wits such as Peter Beinart.

  8. So Trump retweets a video showing Omar saying "some people did something," over and over again between of scenes of the actual 9/11 attack and the left is losing it. Trump is somehow accused of racism for that and also accused of inciting violence against her and therefore others like her. How they get that from what he did amazes me but man they are good at that race stuff.

  9. "When 25 [Hamas] members and supporters gathered at a Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia on October 27, 1993, they were unaware that the FBI was monitoring their deliberations. The confab was a brainstorming exercise: how best to back Hamas and derail the Oslo Accords while concealing these activities from the American government? . . . In the U.S., Hamas was [by this time] perceived as the principal enemy of the popular “peace process.” . . .

    That was where [a] new organization would come in. . . . The new entity’s Islamism and Hamas promotion would have to be less “conspicuous.” It would need to couch its rhetoric in sweet nothings like “social justice,” “due process,” and “resistance.” If it did those things, though, it might be more attractive . . . and effective. A Muslim organization posing as a civil-rights activist while soft-pedaling its jihadist sympathies might be able to snow the American political class, the courts, the media, and the academy. It might make real inroads with the . . . progressives who dominated the Clinton administration. . . .

    Despite its Hamas roots and terror ties, the most disturbing aspect of CAIR is its accomplishment of the Muslim Brotherhood’s precise aspiration for it. Thanks to its media savvy and the credulousness of government officials and press outlets, which have treated it as the “civil-rights” group it purports to be rather than the Islamist spearhead that it is, CAIR has been a constant thorn in the side of American national defense."

    Still being played after all these years.

  10. lol

    Milo Yiannopoulos starred as Rep. Ilhan Omar. Politically incorrect but funny as heck.