Monday, April 1, 2019

Terrorist Palestinian Prisoners Upset Over Cell Phone Jamming


Palestinian prisoners, most of them incarcerated Hamas terrorists are upset that prison authorities have jammed their illicit cell phones. They have announced hunger strikes beginning April 7th with a Hamas chief reportedly warning that this could aggravate regional tensions.

Imagine the nerve of prison officials denying genocidal Jew hating terrorists the right to have cell phones so they can communicate with the terrorist bosses and plan who knows what. Can you imagine?

What is it about Palestinian terrorists that makes them think they deserve a privilege denied to prisoners in any well run prison? . Next thing you know these prisoners will be punished for stabbing guards and rioting. There's a reason prisoners are not allowed cell phones. Common sense says I have no need to outline these reasons.

Electronic Intifada has these ludicrous to say about it.

Cell phones cannot be considered weapons or as dangerous items. The idea that bringing modern communications to people locked away by an apartheid state could be a serious crime – or anything more than an administrative offense – is risible.
The United Nations has explicitly recognized that prisoners have the right to communicate with the outside world. If Ghattas did indeed smuggle cell phones to prisoners, then he was arguably defending their basic rights.

Here's what the UN has to say about prisoner rights to communicate with the outside world

  1.  VII. Prisoners’ Contact with the Outside World
  2. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his or her privacy, family, home or correspondence
  3. All prisoners shall have the right to communicate with the outside world, especially with their families.
  4.              Foreign prisoners shall be allowed to communicate with their diplomatic representatives

Nothing about cell phones as Electronic Intifada suggests. This is one of the most ridiculous things these genocidal terrorists have ever done. I doubt it will be the last. Nor will it be the last time useful idiots take their side.



  2. Not particularly on topic but the MSM is so laughable; they are warning that Trump closing the border will cause an avocado shortage. Hmmmm......hmmmm avocados or saved lives? let me think....

  3. "The Left-Wing 'Omdim Beyachad' (standing together) movement, which is supported by the New Israel Fund, will join the rally organized by the Arab public's monitoring committee opposite K'tziot Prison.

    The demonstration will take place tomorrow to express support for the security prisoners who are waging a struggle against the intention to limit the use of mobile phones in their cells.

    The demonstrators claim that the Prisons Service harasses prisoners in K'tziot Prison, commits harsh physical and verbal violence against them, and prevents them from contacting their families.

    According to Omdim Beyachad, the Prisons Service used the attack in K'tziot Prison last month in which a jailed Hamas terrorist stabbed two prison personnel, as an excuse to harass the prisoners."

    Evil old Israel over-reacting just because Hamas terrorists did a lil old thing like stab 2 guards.

  4. Hamas, who regularly fire rockets into Israel, encourage Gazans to riot with guns, knives, arsonist kites, bombs at the border, plan and encourage knifings of Jews have a few DEMANDS.

    "Hamas' demands for Israel:

    1. Removing the cell phone jamming device

    2. Lifting recent sanctions on the prisoners

    3. Restoring visits for prisoners

    4. Improving prison conditions",7340,L-5488430,00.html

    So far, no Israeli leader has suggested that Israel respond by giving Hamas prisoners the same conditions Hamas gave Gilad Shalit. Hey, fair's fair, right?

    Seriously, Israel MUST move to make Hamas powerless and irrelevant. The fact that they think they can seriously make and achieve these absurd demands shows they are unafraid of Israel. A serious mistake Israel has encouraged.

  5. "“You will see your sons only if you accept the terms of the Resistance,” read a Hamas-attributed post released on Tuesday threatening the families of IDF Lt. Hadar Goldin, St.-Sgt. Oron Shaul, Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed."

    My disgust with these animals knows no bounds. My anger at their useful idiots is raging. There is no humanity in any of them. The only place they belong is in the ground.

  6. The whole point of Geneva convention was "we treat your people well, so that you treat our people well". Since Arabs never extend that courtesy to Jews, there is no benefit to be had from treating them any better then the way they treat Israeli soldiers.

  7. I personally agree Jacob. The entitlement of these thugs amazes me.

  8. Cell phones in a prison? This should be considered contraband. No cell phones. You're a prisoner for crying out loud.
    Let's think of this logically. Before cell phones were land lines installed in cells for individual prisoners? Answer: No. You could also answer "duh". Prisoners would have to use the prison phone to call out, with permission. Confiscate all cell phones. All prisoner telephone calls should be on the prison phone system, and monitored. Why? Because you're a prisoner, you terrorist moron. The point of prison is a loss of freedom for you because you committed a crime. Do you think Hamas lets prisoners have cell phones?

  9. Jeff, I worked in jails for over 20 years, not as a guard but as a teacher on contract from a school board. Nevertheless I was constantly educated in security matters; contraband is prohibited for good reasons. Cell phones for inmates would go against every security protocol; the damage that could ensue is limitless. And this is just among general inmates not Genocidal terrorists like Hamas. Looking at this issue reasonably one sees it is simply Hamas propaganda and an opportunity to "win," points. So far the only support for this ridiculous idea has been from radical supporters of Hamas et al but it wouldn't surprise me if other leftist morons get in on it.

  10. And, the only time there was a bad riot where I worked they brought in the Army and lemmee tell you those guys did not mess around around. The prisoners were glad to get back to normal after that experience. We also had a pretty nasty swat response team that I never saw in action except in dry runs. Our orders were, when you saw them fall to the floor and cover your head because anyone standing or any head sticking up got bashed; prisoner or staff. They came in like a tornado.

    1. We're at the point where people will side with the Arabs and against the Jews for no other reason than sides have been picked. You're on a team. Most activists do not really care about reason or letting the evidence lead. This now has to do with social status.
      It's all like with that baker in Oakland that Mike busted a vein over. Sure, she supports terror, but the food is a mighty tasty. The letter I got back from that magazine that gave her the award was an insult to intelligence. The truth is that they liked that she was 'palestinian'. They think she's part of an ancient nation at one with the land. It's all bull, but they've picked their team. Any lip service about being fair, is just that.

    2. P.S. You're doing a good job keeping things going.
      I like coming here, because I can write whatever I want. I can think things through or just go train of thought like I'm just talking to you guys and dolls.

    3. Thanks Jeff. Not sure what's up with mike but I'll try and keep things going. Been here since the beginning and was one of Mike's big supporters over at dKos so the place means a lot to me even though we are a small crowd. Always good to see you post. Hope Sar will post more often as he has a better grasp of Israeli affairs than me...but I try.

      You are right about picking teams. I find it hard to understand how anyone can pick the Palestinians given their atrocities ongoing and past. It could all end if they just stopped hating and killing Jews and got serious about peace but it's obvious their goal is to destroy Israel. Can you imagine the carnage if those Gaza border rioters ever actually got across with their knives and other weapons? I can understand Arabs supporting them but Westerners? It's like being a fan of Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer and the like.

  11. " Palestinian security prisoners from Hamas and Islamic Jihad began a hunger strike on Monday despite previous agreements to postpone it.

    According to media outlets in Gaza affiliated with Hamas, some 150 men imprisoned in Israel began striking. Hamas’ Prisoners Ministry announced that the five inmates driving the effort began their strike on Monday evening. They are all prisoner leaders, high-status inmates elected by their peers, representing Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP. Four out of the five are serving life sentences, mainly for carrying out or planning terror attacks.

    According to the prisoners’ announcement, the second wave of the hunger strike will take place on April 11, the third on the 13th, and the fourth on the 17th. More prisoners are expected to join the strike with each wave. Prisoners will not eat any food or drink water, which is expected to cause a rapid deterioration in their health."

    "The strikers are led by a few of the most notorious terrorists Israel has ever put behind bars, according to a Channel 13 news report. They include Arman Mahamed, who is serving 36 life sentences for the Cafe Moment suicide bombing in central Jerusalem on March 9, 2002, which killed 11 and wounded 54; Hassan Salame, who is serving 84 life sentences for the bus 18 bombings in Jerusalem in 1996; and Muammar Abu Sheikh, who is serving 29 life sentences for his role in the bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya on Passover Eve, March 27, 2002, which killed 30 and left 140 wounded."

    Now that gets me. Why are these monsters allowed to "lead," anything? They should be in solitary 24/7, maybe 1/2 hour a day exercise ALONE. They should NO contact with each other or other prisoners. I love Israel but man they have got to get tougher on these dudes. Take the hit from the UN and all the Human Rights morans but do it.

  12. "The hunger strike of the imprisoned terrorists is expected to end soon, after the Israel Prison Service (IPS) has agreed to install public telephones in the prisons.

    According to a report on Sunday on Kan 11 News, the cellular jamming jacks in the prison cells will remain and the terrorists will be able to speak with their families via the public telephones."

    Good. Surprised phones weren't available before this though.