Thursday, April 11, 2019

The "Genesis" Spacecraft

Michael Lumish

If Genesis makes a "soft landing" this will be a historic moment.

Israel will become only the fourth country to land an unmanned spacecraft on the lunar surface, after the United States, Russia, and China.

Its scientific purpose is to measure the magnetic field of the moon.

Its social purpose is to demonstrate to the world that Jews are no longer in the ghetto.


  1. Hey! And Karmafish makes a soft landing at Israel Thrives. Great to see you back Mike. Israel is a miracle. This moon landing just enforces that.

  2. Please read Rabbi Pruzansky's analysis
    of the recent election in Israel:

  3. This is an important moment, but I am not exactly sure what to make of it.

    I suppose my hope is that it represents the beginning of a serious Israeli space program.

    In recent decades Israel has focused on satellite technology, but potentially -- if they have the creativity and the will -- Israel could join NASA and the US and Russia and China as leaders within space exploration.

  4. Live streaming from youtube starts in about 13 minutes.