Thursday, December 26, 2019


  1. Israel and the ICC:

    Judging Israel is the world’s recreational pastime, and some of us are tired of the game, and of being the game.

    Will our betters ever explain this affinity among them for the likes of Omar and Tlaib and AOC, and what they intend to do about it. Who is the Title VI extension at universities directed at anyway? If our betters had more sense, they would realize how and why their words ring hollow and are rejected. But then, perhaps, they would see they are not our betters after all.

  2. Horns of a dilemma= Dems don't wanna appear antisemitic but condemning Jew attacking/killing blacks might appear racist. What to do?

    1. Answer: Just what they have been doing. Nothing, except maybe sitting on their thumbs and rotating.
      I'm sure Bernie and his squadron will come to the rescue by bloviating more shibboleths of the left about "the PEOPLE of Gaza."

  3. Well, don't keep quiet, for sure. But many have and will and ought to be the objects of our scorn. No one should get away with turning a blind eye to antisemitism.
    And don't let anyone try to get with with blaming this problem on Trump. Farrakhan is not the fault of Trump, and neither is black antisemitism, or any other kind. Blaming Trump for antisemitism is almost as good as blaming it on the Jews - both a form of denial.

  4. " “Monsey stabbing: Five people wounded at home of New York rabbi”. All eight versions published to date include the claim that the motive for the attack “was not clear”.

    Apparently the BBC is unable to fathom why a masked attacker might enter the home of a Rabbi located next to a synagogue and begin randomly stabbing people."

    I have stopped shaking my head at idiocy like this because....whiplash.

    1. Monsey - (pronounced like "money with a hard "s" after the "n") this is where I grew up, although a couple miles from where the religious people lived.
      The BBC can't fathom why this would happen? The BBC is the Guardian's farm team. They start at BBC and then are brought up to the Major Leagues where obvious Jew hatred is completely ignored for the sake of "anti-Zionism." Judaism and Israel have nothing to do with each other and are to be kept completely separate, except when a BBC, Guardian, or Independent reporter wants to blame antisemitic attacks in Europe on "Israeli policy." They're a deadly joke.
      75 years after Hitler, and again they are playing the same stupid games like the Germans who "didn't know."
      Still, don't think it's everyone. And those who don't think that way can be powerful allies in stopping the hate. But as I read today, it will most likely take a full repudiation of current 'Progressive" thought. The entire program needs to go into the trash bin.
      As for those who are unaware of black antisemitism, where the hell have you been? You really must not know many black people, because there are plenty of antisemites and they are aplenty up front with it.
      I was in a club in Oakland once when Farrakhan's bow-tied bubies goose-stepped in and pranced around like fascists..the real kind. This was a black owned club and management and most of the customers were seriously creeped out by these guys. No one could wait for them to leave, but everyone was afraid to say a thing. There was real fear. That's how you know.

  5. "When Mayor Bill de Blasio finally broke down after the latest attack, a stabbing in a synagogue by a machete-wielding assailant that left five injured, Sophie Ellman-Golan of the Women's March tweeted, "Your answer to Jews being terrorized is to send in more police to terrorize Black and Brown people."

    LOL idiocy at its finest. One is thankful breathing is an automatic thing sometimes. You need to read the whole article for the depth of the stupidity.