Friday, December 6, 2019

Welcome To Americastan


Almost all of last year's top-10 darlings are still favorites this year (US baby names.) with a few exceptions. Revealing a rise in Arabic names, Muhammad and Aaliyah made the top 10 for the first time, replacing Mason and Layla.
Muhammad is considered the most popular name in the world, and UK news site Independent says it is "given to an estimated 150 million men and boys.

This has happened in other countries over the years and two things happened in conjunction with that.

1. Terrorism incidents increased

2. Antisemitism increased.

They tried to hide it in 2017 but got caught lying. And we all know what is happening in the UK as terror attacks continue and the left panders to the antisemitism of Muslim voters.The same has happened in various European countries.

Will it happen in the US? It's nice to imagine that the US is different; that it has some magical ability to resist all this. But look at the Dems response to antisemitism by the squad and their fans. No censure; only inclusion and support. Two leading 2020 candidates have made it clear that Israel is in their sights if they win.

I suspect the Corbynization of the Dems and an America that has Mohammed as the 10th most popular baby name has begun. And if the Dems win in 2020, well, goodnight Irene.


  1. Naval base shooter named: MOHAMMED Saeed Alshamrani. Who coulda seen THAT coming?

  2. Let me be the 2nd to comment.
    Mohammad is an awful name. Sorry. I mean no offense to anyone. I just don't find it aesthetically attractive.
    Yes, Islam is coming westward. You'll notice the movement of people is not reciprocal. That being a fact, why are they cast as wonderful and Westerners especially the US as something less, lacking and not up to snuff by them and their Left wing toadies?
    Why are they and others so intent on coming to this country when it is portrayed as such an awful place? I'm obviously not the first to mention this, but why isn't it talked about each and every day and shoved down the throats of every racist progressive peddling his/her obnoxious propaganda?

    " It's nice to imagine that the US is different; that it has some magical ability to resist all this."

    There was no magic to it. We used to teach History and Civics. We stopped. The young today and probably their parents have no connection to real American and World History nor any idea how this country actually works and its brilliance. You know, morons. I'm afraid we're on the retrograde end of a civilizations cycle. Stupidity, ignorance, superstition and the like are making a comeback. Those involved never feel like that's the case. They think of themselves as enlightened. But factual arguments and the sound weighing of evidence as a civilizational value seem to be fading.
    Gee, when I went to the 1964 World's Fair in New York, the future looked so grand.

    1. I bet most progressive Jews think this is wonderful, wonderful news.
      Current trajectory looks like this: in the next 30 years Western Europe will be completely Islamized, with over half of it's population replaced. UK and France will become extremely dangerous with nuclear arsenal maintained by still competent native converts.
      Here the Democrat Party will become openly Nazi level antisemitic, with destruction of Zionist entity as a major part of it's platform (within 10 years). US army will contain significant number of Muslim troops and Muslim officers at all levels of command.
      Democrat Presidents will interfere in Israeli elections producing ever more extreme Leftist appeaser governments.
      After territorial withdrawals and mass evacuations international boycotts and UN condemnations will increase.
      US foreign aid, and military assistance will be redirected to PA.
      At some point a Democrat President supported by Islamic NATO allies will find an excuse for a military against Israel. This will be hugely popular.
      At the same time increasingly Muslim infested US government will remove any form of protection from Jewish citizens.
      I don't think they'll go the German route, but life will become quite miserable for American Jews. There will be quotas for University admissions, ideological purity checks at workplace, and constant government and activist harassment.

    2. It is good we have only 12 years left.

  3. 64 Worlds Fair???? I wonder if I saw you there? I won a trip along with 11 other newspaper boys. It was a wondrous thing. Weal;so saw a bunch of NYC's main attractions including the premier of the Pink Panther at Radio City Music Hall.

    1. I was 9.
      O.K. Do you remember this button?

    2. I don't know if I saw you (standing there), but we did see Carol Channing who brushed past my little sister. Of course, I had no idea who she was. But not long thereafter I did own a 45rpm of Louis Armstrong singing "Hello Dolly." The '64 World's was in Queens. Louis Armstrong lived in Queens. Carol Channing appeared at the fair in Queens. I was born in Queens. What does it mean? Nothing but fond memories.

  4. American and Saudi authorities have stated that the Pensacola shooter and his buddies were "extreme vetted," yet 6 are in custody and the shooter dead. 3 Saudis for filming the event the other 3 who knows. If extreme vetting produces these results I'm not impressed with it.

  5. Reform Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch of the
    Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in Manhattan said:

    “The Democratic Party is increasingly tolerant
    of voices that are opposed to Israel’s existence...”

    SOURCE: Prominent US Reform Rabbi Warns
    of Growing Anti-Israel Sentiments in Democratic Party

    by the Algemeiner Staff, 2019/10/30


    from Mosaic Magazine (2019/10/30):

    ...the extreme progressive Democrats and their allies
    who try to delegitimize and demonize Israel have
    managed [to make commonplace] a set of mantras...

    about the Israel-Palestinian conflict without
    questioning their veracity. For instance:

    “Israel is or is bound to become an apartheid state
    or lose its Jewish identity”;

    “Israel is a colonialist and racist state that illegally
    occupies Palestinian territory and builds illegal settlements”;

    “Israel occupies Gaza”; [and other] nonsensical claims.

    SOURCE: When It Comes to Israel, Moderate
    Democrats Are Now Under the Sway of Progressives

  6. Daniel Greenfield said:

    “The Democrats have made it clear that
    if they win the presidential election, they
    will restore the flow of cash to the terrorists.”

    SOURCE: Loyal and Disloyal Jews
    by Daniel Greenfield, 2019 September 1


    Jonathan S. Tobin said:

    “Like most of the rest of the Democrats, [Pete] Buttigieg [mayor of South Bend] seems to see Israel’s legitimacy as linked to the creation of a Palestinian state alongside it.”


    “At its core, the Democrats’ conception
    of the U.S.-Israel relationship is that
    of a great power and a client state that
    must do as it’s told.”

    SOURCE: Trump discarded the
    carrot-and-stick approach to Israel

    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019 June 20

  7. Immanuel Kant [born in year 1724, died in year 1804]
    referred to European Jews as “Palestinians living among us.”

    SOURCE 1: Anthropology from a Pragmatic
    Point of View
    (paragraph 46) by Victor Lyle Dowdell,
    year 1978, Southern Illinois University Press in Carbondale

    SOURCE 2: Defending Israel (chapter 1, page 20)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “Had the leaders of the Arabs in Palestine accepted
    the UN [United Nations] partition, there would have
    been no refugee problem, as some Palestinian leaders*
    have recently acknowledged.”

    * NOTE: The footnote to this quote refers to a 2011
    interview with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian
    Authority government, by Israel’s Channel 2 News.

    SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 2, page 28)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968


    “There was little controversy back then regarding
    the Law of Return in the immediate aftermath
    of the Holocaust, but now there are those
    who see this law as racist.

    Many other countries, with no history of genocide
    and exclusion, have similar laws that are
    not subject to similar criticism.”

    SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 2, page 30)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968


    “[Avril] Lavigne has been legally French from birth,
    because her father is French and France applies jus sanguinis.”

  8. “Not only was Israel’s existence as the nation-state
    of the Jewish people at risk [in the Six-Day War of 1967],
    but the lives of its citizens were also in danger.

    Arabs were threatening another Holocaust,
    just 22 years after the end of World War II.

    SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 3, page 44)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “Israel was unwilling to return to the pre-1967 borders, which made it extremely vulnerable to attack – only 10 miles wide at its narrowest point, and its north and south could easily be cut off. It also did not want to see Syrian troops once again on the Golan Heights, from which they had fired munitions into the Israeli civilian areas* below.

    The Arab states were unwilling to make peace in exchange for anything except Israel’s complete destruction.”

    * HISTORICAL NOTE: Syrian troops used the Golan Heights to fire munitions into Israeli civilian areas, even during peacetime, when there was no war being fought.

    SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 3, page 48)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968


    In 1970, King Hussein of Jordan
    said to his people, in Arabic:

    “Kill the Jews wherever you find them.

    Kill them with your hands, with your nails, with your teeth.”

    The audience gasped.

    They had never before heard the suave, gentle,
    smiling King of Jordan speak in such genocidal terms.

    SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 4, page 64)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968

    Jordan is categorized as a moderate Arab country.


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “Documents discovered by Israeli troops during the
    [1973 Yom Kippur War] war showed that Egyptian
    General Saad el-Shazly had distributed written orders
    to kill Israeli soldiers even after they surrendered.”

    SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 6, page 90)
    by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
    ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968

    Egypt is categorized as a moderate Arab country.

  9. Even if Crossfire Hurricane was started by virtuous leaders in technically correct fashion, they can still abuse power in their zeal. Looks like these Trump haters were dirty cops. The damage they have caused is significant, including to national security interests, by lust for political power. Refusing to accept the people's voice. If they did these acts, and more in setting the whole thing up, justice will only be served if they are held accountable. It may already be too late to fix the damage brought by their tactics. Talk about only having 12 years!

    1. Barr says it best: Their case collapsed after the election, and they never told the court. And they kept on getting renewals on these applications. There were documents falsified in order to get the renewals. There was all kinds of withholding of information from the court,” Barr said. “And the question really is, 'What was the agenda after the election that kept them pressing ahead after their case collapsed?' He's the president of the United States.”

      Looks to me like Durham and Barr are set on holding them accountable even if Horowitz didn't. To me, Comey saying he wasn't sure if the pee tape was real or not told me all I needed to know about that freaking clown. I mean, c'mon. How ludicrous can someone get?

    2. Hard to know what actually is and what will be. However, even before the Downer-Papadopolous predicate, which to the IG made it lawful, they appear to have been trying to set him up so they could spy. Which opened the door to Steele. The abuse of counterintelligence, and doing the illegal acts overseas, against Americans, a candidate, and the sitting president, to the progressive, matters not at all. Too blinded to see the damage they are causing as they pompously point fingers elsewhere. What a sorry lot, if they were not so dangerous to the civil liberties of all.

  10. "Welcome to America, Stan." - Oliver Hardy