Monday, December 23, 2019

Just another example of Left anti-white racism

I have been talking a bit recently about the rise of anti-white racism, antisemitic anti-Zionism, and a condescending racism toward "people of color" increasingly coming out of the progressive-left.

In an article titled, Tucker Carlson Uncovers an AOC Moment of 'Vicious' Racism That Has Somehow Been Ignored published on October 31 of this year by Joe Saunders in The Western Journal, a conservative outlet, Tucker Carlson demonstrated blatant anti-white racism on the part of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who blames "climate change" on "white" people.

In the record of a congressional hearing we read:
"Do we see largely that it’s the global south and communities of color that may be bearing the brunt of the initial havoc from climate change?” AOC asked a sympathetic witness.

“And in terms of that wealth, the people who are producing climate change, the folks that are responsible for the largest amount of emissions, or communities, or corporations, they tend to be predominantly white, correct?"
Ah, so it's those nefarious "white" people who are behind "climate change."

Needless to say, this is entirely false given that China and India are far worse offenders when it comes to toxic industrial emissions.

I wonder just when so much of the progressive-left gave up on the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr., without telling the rest of us.


  1. Movements may be started by idealists, but when they gain power it's always sociopaths that are at the top. This is the main reason none of social justice utopias can ever succeed. It's not that Soviets (or the Chinese, or everyone else) didn't do it right, it's that a Stalin, a Mao, a Pol Pot, or at least a Maduro always end up in charge.
    The ploy is always the same: an urgent crisis and unlimited power they need to save us from it. Today it's climate change. But the issue is never the issue, the issue is always power.

  2. Even if the US were the main emitter of what was at one time simply called "air pollution," AOC would still be a rabid racist. She fouls the air every time she speaks. Her statements are racist all on their own.
    Just the idea that the northern hemisphere is out to get the southern hemisphere, and somehow connecting that to skin color as an answer, is coo coo crazy territory which in ancient times, like 20 years ago, could have landed her in Bellevue Hospital or Rockland State where she belongs.
    Only those whose minds have been pickled in progressive juice could truly believe that this "squad" of regressive and antisemitic racists and their skin tone hierarchy represent anything but the dregs of history.
    Anthropology wins out every time.

    AOC owes everything she has to this country and the "white" ideas upon which it was founded.
    Sure, she's an empty headed racist bigot, but it's for the Left. That makes AOC AOK.

  3. Racist Maccabees ethnically cleansed Al Quds of it's indigenous multicultural peoples and then performed intolerant theocratic ceremonies at the site of the Holy Al Aqsa Mosque! Join me in boycotting Hanukah, a celebration of Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and Zionism!

  4. The haters make lots of noise. But how many actually share their views? Perhaps not as many as imagined. The UK has spoken.