Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Executive Order

Sar Shalom

One of the leftist critiques of Trump's executive order last week is that it defines Judaism as a nationality as well as a religion. It is unsurprising that leftists would oppose such a move, as many oppose such a definition. However, they go further than stating opposition to creating that definition and claim that doing so is antisemitic. Unfortunately for those who claim the mantle of standing up to antisemitism in opposing the definition of Judaism as a nationality, that opposition to recognition of Jewish nationhood is a staple of PLO propaganda for decades. As Einat Wilf has said, it was being exposed to Palestinian so-called moderates who insisted that the Jews are not a people that started her questioning whether or not there is a genuine peace partner.

Further, it is because Judaism is a nationality as well as a religion that the Jewish people has a natural right to a homeland where the Jews became a people. Readers of my work would know that I am not a fan of Trump. However, to the extent that he implied that Judaism is a nationality, he should be celebrated.


  1. Yes, the Religion, the People, and the Land.
    But I don't think that that was exactly the reasoning behind the EO. Then again, I have read that the Obama Admin. was on board in terms of the same line of thinking about the antisemitism crisis in our universities (which O. helped to enable).
    Who better to decide whether the Jews are a people or not than the PLO, huh?
    Of course, if Trump installs or continues an Obama policy it's totally racist, because he is, because the Left and the Dems have so much at stake in saying so. Again, I feel like I am now living in one of those countries we used to laugh at so smugly.

  2. One need not be a fan of Trump to see the greater tyranny of those that will never give him the benefit of any doubt. That is why they invert anything good Trump does into something evil. Ironically, they pretend they always are good.

    1. One need not be a fan of Trump to realize that Pipko is correct (see the video on the right of the screen).
      Not every Democrat congressperson has personally abandoned the Jews, but the party has. I know this has been Lumish's contention and I am now in total agreement. Trump's moves on Israel have been right in terms of morality, legality, and history. And the opposition we see from Dems and the world community is a foul weed. It is disheartening. Those who have the stomach will have the task of fixing the party from within.
      Disheartening is also the way I feel about having been called "right wing" by those who know nothing, i.e., so-called progressives. I have never been right wing. Nothing but epithets and denunciations do I here from these people.

  3. "is just another reason the left MUST"

    Explain Justin Amash.

  4. Who needs Russia to interfere in American elections when you've got Democrats.

    1. Bingo!
      If the Russians were trying to undermine American elections and throw the country into anarchy, they couldn't have done a better job. And it is the Democrats, not Trump, who have acted as Russia's dupes once again. Irony?

      Is anyone else bothered by the "news" media's constant use of polls as some sort of determinant of whether Trump should be thrown out of office? The Constitution says, ...well, we already know what it says. Using the polls as the media has would indicate to me that the antisemitic Left's very favorite, Jimmy Carter, should have been tossed from office in a heart beat with his disgraceful poll numbers. For some strange reason we had an election instead even with all the suffering going on that Democrats say they care so much about, either due to his incompetence (25th Amendment anyone?) or malfeasance/abuse of power handling the economy/international relations.