Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Credit when due

Karma has asked me to contribute regarding dKos. Most of you know what I think of the place; but, every so often even one of the most despicable Kossacks gets it right. Case in point, Geekesque's diary outlining John Mearsheimer's descent into antisemitism via his support for the new book by vile antisemite Gilad Atzmon. Condemnation was almost universal BUT you know at least one anti-I Kossack had to rise to the occasion.

You don't need Walt and Mearshimer (0+ / 0-)

to know the disproportionate influence the Israeli lobby has over U.S. Mideast policy. All you have to see is how Obama was bullied, threatened and smeared into doing what the Netanyahu government wanted.

“If you think I can be bought for five thousand dollars, I'm offended." Rick Perry.

by Paleo on Mon Sep 26, 2011 at 04:11:01 PM PDT

Oddly, no one recc'd him even though that particular sentiment is echoed daily in I/P. But I guess it wasn't the right moment to be a Zog accuser and there's always tomorrow, right?

In the meantime, good for Geekesque.


  1. Sad to think that it takes something so extreme to get that place riled up. They are all such fine liberals, after all, led by the fine diarist who spouts often about the Jewish lobby as well.

  2. Yeah, kinda ironic. My estimation is that for some it's only antisemitic if it's so blatantly gross it can't be denied. Everything else is fair game in the demonize Israel game.

  3. Take it away, Doodad!

    I very much appreciate your help with this because, I have to say, I just cannot keep reading that poisonous nonsense... yet, at the same time, it is important that we expose progressive-left anti-Zionism and hatred toward the Jewish state.

    Feel free to savage the bastards at will.

  4. I'll do my best. May I add that I believe anti-Zionism is racism in case anyone wonders. While there may be the odd ideologically pure anti-Nationalist anti Zionist, they are few and far between and can only be legitimate if they apply the same standards as consistently and loudly to other nations. And when's the last time you heard any self proclaimed anti Zionist dissing Arab/Muslim nations? Hen's teeth come to mind.

  5. Check out the new diary...Blood Money.

    The antisemites at work!

  6. The Unspeakable One is entirely enamored of victim status. I have never seen anyone so heavily invested in victimhood.

  7. To my mind, it would be appropriate to complain to kos that this is antisemitic and, as such, dickish.

  8. In a certain kind of way the general project over there, when it comes to I-P, is much like what we saw with Der Sturmer in the 1930s. That is, people like Unspeakable have taken it upon themselves to manufacture hatred toward the Jewish people.

    Of course, he would hotly deny this, but it remains the effect. One cannot defame the Jewish state without defaming the Jewish people.

    In this way he helps prepare the world for the potential genocide of the Jews. We get this every generation and every generation the question is, how bad this time?

    Usually it is not too bad, but sometimes obviously it is beyond horrific.

    We'll see in the coming years and decades how well the Unspeakables of the world have projected their hatred of the Jews.

  9. Oldschool, you are right of course. Were I there I would.

    In the meantime let's remind unspeakable et al about REAL BLOODMONEY....the kind that gets paid by Abbas et al to Palestinian prisoners who who have killed lots of Israeli kids and the streets and public buildings named after such terrorist killers.

    We never hear any of the usual suspects complain about that kind of blood money do we? Then they have to nerve to write a diary like unspeakable did and hold up as a hero Richard Silverstein of all Israel haters. Next he'll be endorsing Gilad Atzmon for President.

  10. Perhaps some of the regulars there will make a complaint.

    Even better, to shove this at them:


    In light of this:

    New York, August 3, 2011… The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations called on Palestinian leaders and international donors who fund the PA to take all measures to ensure that funds are not used to subsidize and reward terrorism, calling it a waste of resources and "a counterproductive policy undermines basic values and laws evaluating assistance from the U.S., and must be stopped if peace is to be pursued in the region."


    Let those who just care more cry that they, more than than this organization, best represents the beliefs and values of most all American Jews.

    I don't recall seeing it the people at DK, these taxpayers who are so concerned about Israel, offer much of a peep. After all, it pays civil servants more than the convicted. But as they remind all, they are so committed to principles of fairness and justice, and prisoners are just so underpaid.