Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily Kos Bans Citizen53

Well, it's not like I did not see that one coming a mile away.

Maybe he will drop in here and take over the dKos beat, because... I have to tell ya... I am sick to death of following that blog's insidious interpretations of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The only reason that I do it is because Daily Kos, much like the Huffington Post, gives us a sense of where the grassroots / netroots is on an issue that I care about.

Anyone want to fill that function for Israel Thrives?


  1. Mets is gone too. Do the math everyone....very few Pro-I tons of Anti-I. The new hammer there is Assaf, reporting everyone he can yet he gets away with calling Obama a Zog shill and quoting a guy who compares Obama to a cheap whore.

    The place is a worse sty than it used to be. I will gladly keep ya up to date on the shenanigans if you wish Karma, The place needs to be exposed for the sty it is.

  2. Doodad,

    shoot me an email at:

  3. C53 here. It's just a short timeout according to kos because I posted a parody video of the Three Terrors and Assaf wet his pants. Then he lied about me once I was gone.

    It is ironic that one can misbehave so badly and abuse others, but there is more concern over a source than there is about intolerance.

    Oh well.

  4. C53,

    I want you to write for this blog.

    I always liked your stuff and would be honored to provide a venue.

    I do not require that everyone here agree with me, not by a long shot. I see this place as entirely bi-partisan.

    But I need some help.

    The upside is that readership is steadily increasing.

    The downside is that I've pretty much pissed-off everyone capable of being pissed off.


    If you are interested, please shoot me an email.

    I promise you that you will get read.

  5. I'll give it some thought. I started a blog under another name to see what it's about, so at least am thinking about making a different contribution.

    Overall, this world of blogging and internet communication is fascinating and disgusting.

    What really gets me about Daily Kos is how it resembles Animal Farm. The fear of having real discussions about issues is palpable. Not only in the Arab-Israeli context, but it is surely the worst when the matter is a controversial one. The majority invariably shouts down minority views, using tactics that would make the best authoritarian proud. Orwell had this pegged. An authoritarian and dogmatic rigidity runs through the site, not to mention that people treat each other as dirt, while trumpeting how they stand for dignity of their fellow humans.

    Unlike these actors, this liberal is not afraid of the marketplace of ideas. How can one decide if shielded from the substance of opposing views? In this regard, using a source does not make one THE source. Context also matters. But not to those that care more about the source than the issue, then proclaim to have superior knowledge in the matter. I wonder how smart they really are. It does not take a genius to avoid the issue and chanting "right wing neocon" or "apologist" or some other insult solely because one disagrees with the substance involved.

    So easy it would be to simply write a diary that demeans some Republican or make comments to gain "mojo." Truth is, any fool can do that! But to challenge our own behavior, or get someone to even consider that we do not know it all in the confines of the echo chamber is heresy. It's as if we think we are above criticism.

    Why do we so often act just as our adversaries say? Why are we so hesitant to see ANY merit in the arguments they put forth? Just because they do not behave right does not excuse us.

    Anyway, just felt like a small rant was in order to explain, in case anyone ventures here.

  6. Since this is all about me, I'll just add that Lefty Coaster said I posted a video that was racist, this one:

    They love to pile on. I thought the video was a stark reminder of why peace is so far away. Rather than address the simple issue of the video, it and I were deemed racist by the "authority," in perfect knee-jerk form, like the behavior I mentioned above. It was because he had no way to answer otherwise, despite the fact that I gave him several opportunities.

    Orwell would have a field day with those who play these cards. I suspect they would end up condemning him, since those who do not play nice with the clique is subject to their abuse, in I/P and elsewhere.


  7. Geeze, Citizen. Mondofront for years and a lil 3 terrors freaks them out? Typical behaviour for the Assafiban.

  8. Here a poster defends Assafiban's reasoning

    "I'd invite you to send that Latma link to him (ie Kos)..and be sure to post "We Con the World" and explain to him, civilly, as you always do, why a vid with Obama (in Black Face) singing about the "dirty Jews" is not bannable? could take it Black Kos and ask them about "source purity"."

    But not a word about a source which calls Obama a two bit whore and a shill for Zog. These crybabies are such hypocrites it boggles the mind. Of course what it is all about is getting their "enemies," banned.

  9. Truth is, I have no problem if people want to cite to Mondoweiss either. The source can be attacked to diminish reliability of information, but ultimately the information must stand on its own two feet. If we judge on source alone, then we are much less intelligent than we think. That seems the norm at DKos, however.

    I thought to use the source card in this instance was rather silly. Do they actually like and support the three lovely fellows depicted?