Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dueling Dkos Diaries

In all the world there is only one Jewish state. One! Yet many on the left want to see it disappear. Israel hater soysauce sure does in her diary, Why Won't Palestinians Recognize Israel as a Jewish State?. And the comments show she has lots of support among Kossacks with 183 recommends. 183!!!!!! That should tell you something. Here's the wall of shame for that:


Then along comes fizziks with his diary Why Israel Should Be A Jewish State.

He gets 21 recommends. The numbers don't lie. Pretty damning proof of Karma's theory, I'd say. Fizziks, of course, makes an excellent point about why the Democratic party needs to divest itself of progressive leftists like these.

one shouldn't have to be brave (12+ / 0-)

to articulate the mainstream Democratic position on a Democratic website.

The two state solution, with Israel as the Jewish state, is in the position of the Democratic Party platform, President Obama, and every single major Democratic elected official in the country.

by fizziks on Wed Sep 28, 2011 at 04:20:29 PM PDT

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Those who recommended fizziks, well they are the real Democrats here. The others are haters and traitors to the Democratic party. They need to be purged along with their hateful agendas.


  1. The Democratic Party is putting Jewish people in the position in which they are forced to choose between the party and the well-being of our fellow Jews in Israel.

    If that is the choice that we must make, I feel like I can do so quite easily.

    Thanks for this, Doodad.

    btw, Hillary just declared Jerusalem to not be part of Israel.

    You know why she can get away with that?

    Because our fellow liberal Jews have so encouraged her. There is no way that the government would go for this if Jewish people stood up for Jerusalem.

  2. I used to think that partitioning the city so that the Palestinians could have a capital there was a good idea.

    Not no more!

    Jerusalem should remain undivided and the Ramallah can be the capital of a Palestinian state, if the Palestinian leadership ever allows one to actually come into being.

  3. A recent poll found that almost half of East Jerusalem Palestinian respondents said they prefered to remain under Israeli sovereignty.

    Only 23 percent would definitely prefer Palestinian citizenship to Israeli citizenship.

    Among the reasons cited for wanting to remain under Israeli sovereignty were relative freedom of movement, relatively higher income, employment opportunities and social rights.

    In a perfect world, Jerusalem should stay undivided. But we do not live in a perfect world and whichever path Israel decides I can live with.