Thursday, September 29, 2011

Does "Soysauce" Hate the Palestinian People?

In a recent diary about why it is necessary for Palestinians to reject Israel as a Jewish state, she writes:

The crux of the Palestinian issue is the fate of the millions of refugees who were exiled from their homes during the creation of Israel. The right of return for these refugees is a major pillar of Palestinian aspirations for a just resolution to the conflict with Israel. Recognizing Israel as Jewish state would mean renouncing the internationally recognized right of Palestinian refugees to return.


Millions of Palestinian refugees were exiled from their homes during the creation of Israel, were they?

Is that a fact?

Soysauce, you are either a liar or simply not competent to speak on this subject.

There were not millions of Palestinian refugees "who were exiled from their homes during the creation of Israel."  In fact, there was not even millions of Palestinians, period.  There was around seven hundred thousand Arab refugees and a similar number of Jewish refugees over time from Arab and Muslim violence against Jews. Anybody who knows anything about the ongoing Arab war against the Jews knows this.

This is not in dispute.  But the implication of what you write is that there were millions of displaced Palestinians and you know it.

Also, of course, those numbers are entirely dwarfed by the numbers of Hindu and Muslim refugees from the India / Pakistan partition which resulted in slaughter by the millions.  The Arab attempt to kill the Jews was a picnic in comparison.

More importantly, however, if "justice" can only be served by robbing Jewish people of sovereignty on Jewish land then we do have a little problem, now don't we?

This is the same "justice" that the Arabs of the mandate wanted in November of 1947, when they launched a genocidal civil war against the Jews directly after the Holocaust.

And, of course, the only possible way to get there will be via a war against the Jews of the Middle East. Of course, since the Arabs have been continuously at war against the Jews in the Middle East since at least the 1920s, it doesn't seem to me that she is proposing anything new.

In truth, what she is calling for is the reinstatement of dhimmitude on the Jewish people.

What else can robbing us of self-determination and self-defense via a Jewish state mean?

She essentially calls for war and labels it "justice."

But, really, all she is doing is dooming the Palestinians to decade upon decade of misery.  I find it sad and wretched, but not so much for my people.

The Jews are doing great. I mean, real good economy in Israel. Strong military. Hi Tech.  Even a recent discovery of potentially large quantities of oil.

Upstart Nation.

Good for them.

The Palestinians on the other hand are fucking themselves up entirely because they simply will not allow us to live in peace. If they want peace they can have it, but they need to be peaceful. Unless they are peaceful, then there will not be peace.

It's entirely up to them at this point.

But whatever they choose, we'll be fine. It's really a choice between Palestinian poverty and misery or Palestinian normalcy and potential prosperity. I recommend the latter and soysauce chooses the former.

And she's considered the pro-Palestinian one?

Ho. Ho. Ho.

She would have them fight and die to the very last Palestinian in order to fulfill her ideological agenda.

I would have them stop fighting and, instead, start writing software, or start building bridges, and create decent lives for themselves and their families.

Get with the contemporary world.

And please stop teaching your children to hate Jews.

That's all.


  1. Yep, looks like the haters spoke too soon!!!

  2. Three words:

    Weasel! Weasel! Weasel!

  3. Just to note, a Palestinian refugee is defined as any person whose "normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948 and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict."

    I am no expert, but believe that there were Arab workers from other states who flocked to this area for economic reasons and it was their normal residence for this very limited period.

  4. Quite right, School.

    One of those little bits of historical reality that we are allegedly under a moral obligation to ignore is the fact that the Palestinians did not represent a distinct nationality until a quarter past Tuesday.

    Their forbears came from all over the Arab world.