Friday, September 30, 2011

The World's New Jews

Assafiban (so named because of his tendency to call for bannings and generally acting like the Taliban) has found the New Jews. Who are they? Palestinians of course. Look at this conversation.

Sorry Assifiban; massive fail. But at least we can see that you have adopted your Palestinian buddies' favorite habit of stealing Jewish history and culture. I don't imagine that brainwash took too long. Small things wash fast.

At least his self serving Israel hating diary got this stellar response form dhonig

I am done with I/P (1+ / 0-)

and I hope it gets banned on dKos.

I have ZERO doubt that soysauce intentionally posted his diaries on Rosh Hoshannah with the intention of keeping discussion as one-sided as possible.

If we have reached a point where people who claim to be advocating in good faith take actions such as that, then I have no interest in participating, or associating with the people who do so.

For those who treated I/P as a team sport, to the point that you thought yesterday was the day to play, I would like to wish you enlightenment, but I believe you to be beyond redemption.For those who participated in these discussions in good faith, I wish you well at the same time I wonder why you continue.

As for the comments in the diaries, such as the claim there is no such thing as a Jewish People, as well as the hearty back slaps that followed, they will be the death of Daily Kos. I/P has turned into an ugly cesspool that allows comments that would not be accepted for a split second with any other discussion. Note, please, that the prior statement was not one-sided.

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by dhonig on Fri Sep 30, 2011 at 07:56:13 AM PDT

Great going dhonig. Even though the comments about no such thing as the Jewish people got hidden, they appeared and were backslapped as dHonig says and the reason for that is the constant hateful anti-Israel diarying that goes on. It creates the playing field and when an "asaJew," like Assafiban says that:

"the fact remains that as recently as the mid-19th Century, less than 1% of the world's Jews lived in what is now Israel-Palestine. And even this small population did not speak one single language or see itself as the seed of a modern nation. btw, they were also a small fraction (<5%) of I-P's overall population," he invites the kind of foul comments dhonig talks about. But I don't expect any of the usual suspects to see any of that; that's not what they are all about. And what they are all about is foul; most foul indeed. So yes, I believe dhonig is right when he accuses the foul soysauce of waiting until Rosh Hoshannah to post her diaries. It's how they do things.


  1. The new Jews.

    Thanks for this, Doodad.

    One of the unacknowledged things that is going on is the Palestinian theft of Jewish heritage... which, itself, is part of the Muslim theft of Jewish heritage.

    You know, Abraham was the first Muslim.

    Jesus was the first shaheed, which is something that Simone once claimed.

    Jerusalem, a city not even mentioned in the Koran, is holy to Muslims.

    And on and on and on.

    The UN pronounces the Cave of the Patriarchs to be a Muslim holy site, but not a Jewish holy site.

    It's a con that may eventually see you dead, or if not you the Jews of the Middle East who will then get the blame for the aggression against them.


  2. Well, Gideon Levy says so a few days ago, and, thus, it must be.

    A catchy and borrowed slogan, but it seems to me the Jews are the old and new Jews.

    The experience of the Jews is sui generis, and to make this comparison is odious.

    I especially like the criticism of Western bias when he was busy illustrating another form of the very same thing.

  3. Actually, the first "Jews are not a people" comment was NOT hidden, and ended up at 8+/0-

    Imagine that comment being made about any other group of people, would it be welcome and approved there to such an extent? And on this past Wednesday evening, no less? Surely no coincidence there in the timing. Riiiight. Eye roll...

  4. And, yet, if we say that the Palestinians are a brand-spanking-new national identity, which is historically accurate, we be bad.

  5. The Palestinians are a people, and that is all I will say on that.

    But yeah, is there any question as to what would happen to anyone who attempted to deny Palestinian peoplehood at dKos? They'd be relentlessly beaten down into hidden comments within minutes, and rightly so.

    Meanwhile, the very same guy who started the whole thing (and who claims to be Jewish himself) THIS TIME (because it's certainly not the first time we've gone through this there, nor will it be the last - in fact, just a couple hours ago we have yet another person denying Jewish peoplehood), is still there, and still whining about how 'unfair' it is that one of his disgusting, racist comments were finally hidden...


  6. The Palestinians are a people.

    Just how they are different from Syrians or Jordanians as a matter of culture or religion or language is anyone's guess.

    But, as of a quarter past Tuesday, they are a people.

  7. It's pretty amusing watching ASSaf throw his petulant fits.

    But Jay, it baffles me why team Shalom, and Pro I's in general, constantly play defense instead of offense.

    Where are the daily diaries depicting the Syrian slaughter? Where are the diaries citing Hezbollah's murder of Hariri? The diaries of the ascendance of The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists in Egypt? The war mongering of Erdogan in Turkey? The findings of the IAEA wrt the Iranian nuclear program? Hamas's human rights abuses? Abbas's UN speech denying Israel's historic rights to it's land?

    The question should be posed: Is it any wonder that Israel is armed to the teeth given that it's surrounded by these radical Arab/Persian regimes and groups?

    These subjects are largely absent from dKos and Pro I's have no one to blame but themselves.

    Start playing offense.


  8. I agree with the last comment. There are so many great issues. Too many pro-Israel users hesitate to use them to shift the presumption at Daily Kos that Israel is solely to blame.

    Let these "defenders of humanity" defend the shameful conduct of those they align with in demonizing Israel and Jews.

    Last I saw, the Democratic Party supported Israel and Jewish self-determination. Thus, sources that expose the opponents should, in theory, be welcomed, not called right wing.
    These should be used without apology and fear of being labeled a hater or Islamophobe, any more than they are haters and Judaiophobe.

    Perhaps if the "defenders of humanity" did not neglect these issues in reality, then it would not be necessary for others to do so and offset the silence.

  9. I agree one hundred percent.

    We absolutely must go on the offensive.

    We did not start this fight, but we will damn well finish it.

  10. Anon, oldschool and Karma -

    Stay tuned. I'm thinking, I'm thinking...


  11. On the other hand, the politically correct fear over there is shared by so many, that they are quick to believe and charge one is pathological. That stigma, though wrong, will develop because it's a numbers game. For whatever reason, most there now share a different narrative. This is not news, of course.

    However, to be lectured about rights by people so quick to engage in demonization and authoritarian behavior is no laughing matter. It is also something that should be an issue, intolerance, and this zealousness to impose "house rules" to chill dissent.

    Indeed, why should they lecture to anyone? If they are challenged and forced to defend their positions, daily, maybe more will ask that very question.

  12. Pathological?

    It is perhaps the lowest form of political discourse to suggest that one who disagrees with you on an issue is insane or suffers from any particular mental disorder.

    That's what the Soviets did, for chrissake.

    Give him hell, School.