Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Brief Note to St. James Church, London

Michael L. 

The brief note below was sent to St. James Church via their internal website application.
Why are you spreading hatred toward the Jewish people? 
Why are you lending your name to the blood-libel that, throughout the centuries, has resulted in pogroms and persecutions and expulsions, all leading to that wonderful time that Jews had in Europe in the middle of the twentieth century. 
There is nothing "beautiful" about inciting hatred toward the Jewish people through song or humor or stage. 
The Jewish people in the Middle East, much like gay people, women, Christians and other minorities, are a people under siege.  The difference, of course, is that after 2,000 years we have the means to defend ourselves, which is why Israel built its security fence. 
What you are suggesting, essentially, is that Jewish self-defense in all its forms is immoral.  You thus promote and cling to the long-held, traditional belief - that most Christians have gotten well beyond - that the only moral Jew is a weak and submissive Jew, if not a dead Jew. 
If you honestly care about the well-being of the Palestinian-Arabs you might suggest that they give up on their ongoing Jew Killing Project, because until they do they and their children will know considerable misery.


  1. I'll sign on. Let us know if anybody actually replies. Or tries to sue you and shut the blog down. It is in England, after all...

    1. Well, y'know, I merely strolled over to their blog, noticed that they had a "contact us" page and so I contacted them.

      For some reason, tho, I sincerely doubt that they will bother to get back with me.

    2. They asked for it! I just hope you aren't now on the beg lists of them and their buddies like Interpal. "Dear friend, thanks for your thoughts! With your help, we can take it to Teh Jooz even harder next year..." etc etc