Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Little Reminder from Hamas

Michael L.


What really makes this Hamas video extra-special is that they thought to use Hatikva as the background music.

We must finally come to the obvious conclusion that these people are no partners for peace but deadly enemies who need to be treated as such.  This does not just include Hamas, but Fatah, the PLO, and the Palestinian Authority.

There has been some recent hoopla in the news concerning American Senator Rand Paul and a bill to cut US funding to the PA unless it recognizes Israel as a Jewish state and meets other commonsensical conditions, such as abiding to past negotiated agreements.

AIPAC opposes this measure because it is believed that Israel needs the PA to administer the Arab majority territories.

What I would argue is that while it is obviously true that if the Arab governments, including the local Arab governments, had organized themselves in a manner within which to cooperate and work with their Jewish neighbors, that would have been terrific.

That, as a socialist, is certainly what Ben-Gurion wanted.  As it is, however, the local Arabs organized themselves in a manner designed to harass Jewish people on Jewish land and that seeks the elimination of Jewish sovereignty and self-defense on that land.

The only question, this being the case, is what should the Israeli government do about a people who represent not only 20 percent of the citizenry of the country, but who also represent our former masters and rulers for 1,300 years?

Let us not forget that the Jewish people lived under second and third-class non-citizenship, within the Islamic system of dhimmitude, beneath the boot of Arab-Muslim imperial rule on our own land.

1,300 years.

I understand, of course, that dhimmitude was, in some places and times better and in some places and times worse, but it was never better for Jews than was Jim Crow a joyous experience for black people in the United States and it lasted far, far longer.

If anti-Semitic Arabs and their "progressive" anti-Zionist allies in the west think that the Jews should feel guilty about freeing ourselves from oppression then they can... fuggedaboutit... as my friends in Jersey might say.

I might use slightly different language.

{A Big Tip 'O the Kippa to our friend the Elder of Ziyon.}

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