Saturday, May 3, 2014

The closest thing to an official American version of the peace talks

by oldschooltwentysix

So says an article at Ynet, Inside the talks' failure: US officials open up.

It is no surprise that Israel is seen as the culprit, driven by Israeli right-wingers that exercise a malicious approach.

If I was ignorant, I might be left feeling that Mr. Abbas is a distant cousin of Martin Luther King, Jr.

After seeing the view of these Americans, it is hard to ignore the bias against Israel. In this context of prejudice against Israel, which sometimes appears as contempt, perhaps Israelis know better than these Americans what is in the best interest and prosperity of THEIR country.

It is not hard to detect when troubling to see the arrogant tone that the Americans interviewed possessed, especially when one looks at the record of the Obama Administration in foreign affairs. One disaster after another, not to mention the false bluster. Rather than lecture, this seems the gang that could not shoot straight.

I am left to ask, if the construction is almost all to supplement what will be inside Israel, as basically agreed, why is that THE issue?

Why are the Palestinians only seen as virtuous, and as if they have played no role. Perhaps some humanitarian racism at work, to complement the bias?

In any event, the bias reflected creates cognitive dissonance with any claim to be an objective broker.

It sounded a lot like officials at J Street and J Street U gave the interviews.


  1. Reality check. How much peace was achieved by various Israeli LEFT wing governments? Oh yeah, none. So much for that particular excuse guys. Of course what do we expect from these clowns who will not, can not, DARE NOT mention Palestinian violence, reticence, and indoctrination of hate, etc.

    1. The condescension is bad enough, but when you look at the results, in the Middle East and other issues, it makes you wonder if anything is thought through or they are just operating according to their theoretical script based on social justice and humanitarian bigotry.