Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Column for the Elder

The Elder was kind enough to publish my latest Sunday column entitled, Killing "Oslo" and Validating Arab Anti-Jewish Racism.

Here is a snippet:
Barack Obama killed the Oslo Accords and validated Arab anti-Jewish racism from the very beginning of his administration.

He did so directly out of the gate in 2009 by demanding a total "freeze" on the building of Jewish homes in Judea thus laying the framework for Palestinian-Arab rejection for any possible conclusion of hostilities. While it is obviously true that previous American administrations opposed "settlement activity" it was only the Obama administration that turned "settlement freeze" into a precondition for ending the ongoing violence against the Jewish people in that part of the world.
In the news, it turns out that two of the three people killed at the Jewish Museum in Brussels were Israelis.

RivasLior Zilberstein and Itamar Eichner writing in Y-Net tell us:
Emanuel (54) and Miriam (53) Riva from Tel Aviv, an Israeli couple from Tel Aviv, were killed in the shooting at the Brussels Jewish Museum Saturday, the Foreign Ministry cleared for publication on Sunday. The couple left two daughters behind - 16 and 15 years old.  
A third casualty was a French volunteer at the museum, a woman in her 60s. A 24-year-old Belgian man, who suffered critical wounds to the face and neck, is still fighting for his life. 
"They were an amazing couple, good people, truly salt of the earth," a family friend of the couple said. "I don't know people like that, who were of great stature. They were also patriots - worked at the Finance Ministry and other government corporations for years. It was just two years ago that they returned from Germany after a mission in Berlin, where they worked as accountants at a government corporations."
From the comments:
Arvin ML 
well, you terrorize other people and now you get terrorized. whole world hates you lol .
Thirteen hundred years of persecution under Arab-Muslim imperial rule and the moment that we finally free ourselves people like Arvin tell us that we are the persecutors and deserve whatever beating that we get, up to, and including, murder.

Arvin also tells us this:
Arvin ML 
Do you suppose this will prompt David Harris-Gershon to write a piece in opposition to anti-Semitism?  I doubt it.  He already wrote a piece justifying anti-Semitism to a progressive-left audience and this is precisely where anti-Semitism leads.  It is different from other forms of racism because, in its heart, anti-Semitism is genocidal.

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  1. Do you suppose this will prompt David Harris-Gershon to write a piece in opposition to anti-Semitism?

    No of course not. People who want to be murdered don't audit those decisions.