Sunday, May 18, 2014

Latest Sunday Column for the Elder


The Elder was kind enough to publish my latest Sunday column entitled, Intermission.

Here is a snippet:
We have touched upon the ways in which the so-called "Palestinian Narrative" has colonized Jewish minds and the manner in which Palestinian-Arab nationalism blatantly seeks to erase actual Jewish history for the purpose of replacing it with some fake and insidious historical doppleganger in which all things Jewish magically become "Palestinian." Jesus, therefore, becomes the first "Palestinian shaheed," for example. Or we get images of Anne Frank in a keffiyah, with the clear implication that just as the "Palestinians" are the New Jews, so the Jews are the New Nazis.

The point in introducing these concepts and this material is to lay out some relevant progressive-left ideological trends, and thus backdrop, to the behavior of the Obama administration viz-a-viz the State of Israel and Middle East policy, more generally...

What I will consider next, therefore, will primarily be Obama administration behavior concerning the peace process and its relationship to the State of Israel. We will also discuss the Obama administration's reaction to the "Arab Spring" and its failure to force the Muslim Brotherhood down the throats of unwilling Egyptians. We will discuss how the Obama administration had Hamas's back during Operation Pillar of Defense and the ways in which the Obama administration leads from behind in the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction the Jewish State.
For the moment, at least, I am using the column to work on the On Settlements and Stupidity project.

By the way, I assume that you guys have noticed that Harris-Gershon has a piece on Daily Kos justifying Arab and Muslim violent hostility toward Jews.

See, the reason that people are sometimes anti-Semitic, according to Harris-Gershon, is because the Jews are bad people.  The reason that the Palestinian-Arabs are the most anti-Semitic people on the planet is because the Jews are mean to them.

This is what it comes down to and this is what he believes.

Of course, people like fizziks maintain, on the one hand, that BDS is a significant and toxic political movement that needs to be confronted, yet, on the other hand, is really only a matter of a small number of hard-left bloggers, like Harris-Gershon, who merely have a "toe-hold" in the progressive-movement and grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party.

sheep1In any case, I hope you guys will check out my Elder of Ziyon piece and have an absolutely terrific rest of your weekend.

Oh, and by the way, speaking of Harris-Gershon, our own JayinPhiladelphia - if he does not mind me saying so - is planning to meet the guy very soon for a chit-chat over a couple of beers.  My suspicion is that Jay will find Harris-Gershon to be amiable enough in person, but let us not forget that this is a guy who favors BDS, and thereby supports anti-Zionism - whatever his claims to be supportive of Israel - and just today has a piece justifying violent hatred toward Jews.

Harris-Gershon is a wolf in sheep's clothing... whereas, of course, I am a sheep in wolves' clothing.

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  1. And I am a Kenzo in interchangeable clothing. Good that we all know each other, now... ;)