Friday, May 16, 2014



  1. Beautiful weather for a busy weekend.

    Trenton Avenue Arts Festival / Kensington Kinetic Derby today, as well as the Italian Market Festival down South Philly, if I can squeeze that in.

    Tomorrow is our Israel66 festival at Penn's Landing. Good to hear Stand With Us and CAMERA will be attending in an official capacity for the first time.

    Now if only these Ford guys could finish up this work so I can get the hell out of the sprawling nightmare horror show that is Northeast Philadelphia, and get back home to my humble rowhouse neighborhood to get the weekend started right with a good brunch, I'll be very pleased! ;)

  2. Well okay, this Sherlock Holmes guy who just showed up wearing an awesome hat and smoking a pipe is providing some decent entertainment in my final few (hopefully!) minutes waiting here at Chapman...

  3. I think that I am just going to hunker down today and take it easy.

    Maybe take in a few old episodes of the Sopranos.

    btw, does Tony get whacked in the end or no?

    1. Whatever ultimately happened to Tony, he certainly paid for his crimes by having to live in New Jersey, which borders on cruel and unusual punishment in and of itself.

      So there, heh.

      Oh yeah, I'm supposed to meet up with a certain author we know, for a couple beers, tomorrow night, too...

    2. Really?

      Good for you, dude.

      I would not be the least bit surprised if you found him wholly charming.

      If I were you, tho, I would come armed with some preconceived questions.

  4. Btw, last week's two-alarm fire down the street was a couple doors over from one of the luncheonettes under the York-Dauphin El on Front Street. Ben's appears to have been spared, at least on the outside, but I don't know if they're still open.

    I guess I'll find out when I begin my luncheonette project in a few weeks...

  5. Heading home from Israel66, to drop off my cool swag (the pair of Israel sunglasses, courtesy of StandWithUs Philadelphia, is my favorite item), and pick up a jacket (it got unexpectedly chilly and windy here today!) before heading back down Center City to meet up with author David Harris-Gershon for a chat and a couple of beers.

    Couldn't help but notice J Street's booth was extremely lonely. Admittedly, it's an unscientific observation, a brief 'grab sample,' if you will, of just one moment in time, but yeah, I think this speaks a bit as to what people who actively support and celebrate Israel, think of J Street anymore.

    Perhaps their booth would be more popular at a 'Nakba Day' event?