Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The New JDU

Michael L.

jdu header1I want to alert my friends here at Israel Thrives that our associated magazine, Jews Down Under, has undergone a significant face-lift and, in my opinion, has approached a level of professionalism on par with pretty much anything that is out there in terms of aesthetics and, increasingly, content.

I have to say, Shirlee has done just a remarkable job putting JDU together and she should be commended.

It is a rare individual who can take an idea and not only turn it into a blog, but into a full-blown magazine in such a brief period of time.  Certainly I have not done it.  Israel Thrives is basically my own personal blog, and I am very grateful to you guys who participate here, but Shirlee has in short order turned her blog into a professional-style magazine and she is doing it, for the time being, at least, within an entirely not-for-profit model.

I think that you guys should drop in and say "hello."

We need to support one another.


  1. Thanks Mike for generous compliments and for your part in helping me to achieve a dream.

    Also thanks to a very special person in my life, who made it all possible.

  2. If you're endorsing it, then it's got to be good (-:

    Bracha vHatzlacha Yosef

    1. Yosef we have corresponded and thank you for your kind words.
      You also invited me to visit if I ever get to Israel again. Unfortunately I doubt it though, as much as I'd like to.