Saturday, January 31, 2015

Obama continues policy of anti-Jewish racism

Michael L.

The Jerusalem Post reports:
judeaThe United States and United Kingdom on Friday both condemned the Israeli government’s plan to issue new tenders for housing units in the West Bank.

Israel published tenders on Friday for the construction of 450 new housing units in the West Bank, a move that critics denounced as a political gesture ahead of a March general election.
This constant harassment of Jews by the Obama administration concerning just where we should be allowed to live on the traditional homeland of the Jewish people is about as racist as racism gets.

What's truly disconcerting is the degree to which the PLO and the Obama administration see eye-to-eye on just where the Jewish people should be allowed to reside.
"Once again, Palestinian lives, rights and lands are being violated in the service of Israeli election campaigns," said Hanan Ashrawi, a senior official of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Jews building housing for themselves in Judea can't just be Jews building housing for themselves in Judea.

No.  It has to be some sort-of nefarious plot.

In any event, State Department spokeswomen, Jen Psaki, agrees with Hana Ashrawi that Jews have no right to live, and thereby building housing for themselves, where Barack Obama and Mahmoud Abbas have denied us rights to property.
"We believe that settlements are illegitimate and counterproductive to achieving a two-state outcome. We have deep concerns about these highly contentious construction announcements," said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. 
It is true that these announcements are contentious among the kinds of racists that we find in the PLO and the Obama administration and, therefore, I don't think Israel should bother with announcements or if it must make building announcements, those announcements should include a little assertion to the effect that the Jews will build in Judea and Samaria and if anyone does not like it, they can go pound sand.

By any decent ethical standard Jews have every right to build housing for ourselves in the traditional heartland of the Jewish people and should just go ahead and do so.

Anyone who would deny us this right has malice toward the Jewish people.

From the comments:
Daisy Adler • 21 minutes ago

As Matthew M. Hausman wrote: "Jewish habitation in Judea, Samaria, and Israel proper, including Jerusalem, was a fact from antiquity into modern times -- until Jordan conquered the territories and dispossessed their Jewish inhabitants during Israel's War of Independence. When Jordan (then known as Transjordan) conquered Judea and Samaria in 1948, it expelled the Jews living there, collectively dubbed these territories the "West Bank," and annexed them in violation of international law. Israel's subsequent acquisition of these lands in 1967 in truth effectuated their liberation from foreign occupation; and renewed Jewish habitation thereafter constituted nothing more than repatriation. Israel's liberation and administration of Judea and Samaria were perfectly legitimate under prevailing standards of international law.

Despite international pressure for the creation of a Palestinian state devoid of Jews, Israel must be guided by her own priorities, and must not lose sight of the rights of Jews as indigenous people in their homeland, including those rights recognized at San Remo and reinforced by the Mandate. "
I could not agree more.

If people still tend to think that what the world needs is a terrorist statelet right in the heart of the Jewish homeland then they will need to explain why such a terrorist statelet must also be Judenfrei.


  1. What Obama knows, because he's been told this is that this a the first step in an 8 step process that takes years to complete. In reality there haven't been any new structures, legal structures, put up for years in Yesha. This first step is akin to filing planning document. Then you apply for zoning permit. Then you have to submit a plan. Then if you get approval there more steps, proof of intent, various impact statements, financing, building permits, etc. Then the actual construction, permits to hook up water, sewer, gas, electric, then inspection and what's analogous to a C.O., proof of insurability and so forth.

    Israel is just like any other country. You can't simply put up a building on a random plot of land in your neighborhood. There are rules.

  2. Israel is a sovereign nation. You'd think people of good will would be upset with other nations trying to control it. Instead of worrying about how Israel wags the dog and controls the ZOG. But hey, you know, once a Jew hater......Progressivism; the gift that keeps on giving...ignorance and stupidity. It's all enough to turn me into a neo-con I swear.

  3. "We believe that settlements are illegitimate..."said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.
    And, incredibly, the Obama Administration thinks that's all it takes to make it so.
    "Screw the law, I now pronounce you illegitimate."
    Obama will be trying to go after Israel even after his term is up. Mark my words.

    1. Personally, I think it's more that the president just has a strong dislike of Netanyahu. An ego thing, mainly. I don't see him going all Carter or anything...

    2. In other words, Jews living and, thus, building housing for ourselves and our people on the land that we have lived upon for around 4,000 years is "illegitimate."

      It's not even illegal, because if they could honestly say that, they definitely would.

      Rather it is "illegitimate" and therefore, presumably, immoral.

      What the fuck does illegitimate mean in this context, anyways?

    3. Illegitimate actually means unlawful, illegal, but they won't say illegal, because it's stronger and they'd be rightly challenged and exposed. Our leaders who push the two state solution hardest do not want the actual legal status of those territories exposed to the light of day IMO. Of course there is nothing illegitimate about it. They do not make a distinction between what are the legal rights and what would be politically wise and feasible, because that would weaken Arab claims. Of course there was never an internationally legal mandate for an Arab State west of the Jordan River, yet the Arabs constitute a powerful constituency in world politics initially because of oil, and now because of their willingness to murder just about anyone, anywhere.

  4. European level of aliyah will increase, but half a million Jews?

    Your comment is, imo, spot on, but I do not think that we will see this degree of emigration out of Europe.

    I would LIKE to see it, but I doubt the numbers will be anything close to half a million.

    Here's hoping that I am wrong.

  5. Israel needs to build 100,000 housing units per year in Judea and Samaria for the next 10 years, It also needs to build 3 superhighway connecting Judea and Samaria to Israel.
    Construct military bases in Judea and Samaria to protect the people and the country.
    Israel also needs to build 50,000 housing units per year in greater Jerusalem and build additional roads and highway in and from Jerusalem.
    Israel must also build a minimum of 10,000 housing units in the Galil and 10,000 housing units in the Negev every year for the next ten years and expand the infrastructure, roads and highways. They have to expand industry and commerce to enhance the desire of people to live in the Galil and the Negev.
    Construct military bases and local agencies in Judea and Samaria to protect and help the people and the country.
    YJ Draiman